Why is bab.la special?

Moving to Hamburg was not something very unusual or new to me, because I have been living abroad for some time already. During the last 3 years I moved four times, living in different cities and countries. I was also familiar with Hamburg before as I spent a small vacation here 2 years ago. But what turned out to be very special for me was the internship in this amazing company.

Literally everything in bab.la felt great for me since the beginning. Learning foreign languages is what brings me pleasure in my free time, and working in the field of languRU_bab.la_intext1ages is a combination of business with pleasure. Working with dictionary and new vocabulary taught me a lot not only in English or German, but also in my native Russian! The mighty Russian language and its rules are being forgotten over time, especially when living abroad. But working with Russian vocabulary and interaction with Russian users refreshes the slightly forgotten Russian language nuances. In addition, users are looking for terms from different areas, and while searching for the correct translation of a term sometimes you find yourself on websites of professional photographing, high-tech developments or sites about astrology…


RU_bab.la_intext2The friendly international atmosphere in the office is another reason why I fell in love with bab.la. Half of the employees are trainees like me, and during this practice I found more friends than during my student exchange at Dresden University. Joint lunches with the cuisines of different countries every week (cooked by interns themselves!), a party for the birthday of the company – everything is leading to the creation of a warm, friendly atmosphere among colleagues, and this is something that not every company can achieve after many years of existence.

Three months of internship have passed incredibly quickly. And despite the fact that I am quite excited about moving to Spain next week, I am leaving bab.la with some sadness. Because I spent many hours in this cosy little office and here I made friends who have already promised me (and I hope they will keep their promises 🙂 to visit me in Spain in summer!


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