Why Japanese have long life expectancy!


According to a statistics, on average Japanese women live to be 86 years old and Japanese men make it to 80 years old. That’s the longest longevity in the world.

Okinawa Island in Japan is especially well known for this. According to Dr Bradley Willcox who visited there for the research, there are 80 year old people taking care of 100 year old people, and everyone has an aunt who is 95.

That’s amazing. What is the secret behind it?

Experts say that one of the main reasons is because of the healthy diet. Sushi represents a well known Japanese food worldwide, but Japanese food is not only this! We have a wide variety of other foods that foreigners do not always know. I will introduce some of them here, and hopefully make you a Japanese food lover! Learn some benefits of the healthy Japanese diet and live long with us!

The following is a typical Japanese breakfast:

From top left (clockwise): Tukemono (pickles), Nimono (fish or vegetables boiled with soy sauce), Yakizakana (baked fish), Miso soup, Rice, Green tea.

Seaweed, Umeboshi (picked dry sour plum) and Natto (rotten beans) are typically eaten for breakfast as well. Natto is proven to prevent obesity, aging, and some types of cancer. The only problem is whether you can eat Natto or not. I don’t know how many times foreign friends ran away from me whenever I ate it. You don’t understand what I mean? Then see what Natto is like!

The typical Japanese lunch/dinner:

In particular, Japanese like to eat noodle dishes. These are considered fast food because they are relatively inexpensive. Foreigners are always surprised by the way Japanese eat noodles, making a lot of noise. My German husband freaks out whenever he eats these with my dad. Well, get used to it. That’s the traditional way to eat. It shows how delicious the dish is and the more sound you make, the better it is.

1. Udon are thick noodles, made by wheat, salt and water. They are quite easy to cook. Even a Chimpanzee could do it! For more details take a look at the clip below.

2. Ramen is made with a meaty broth, noodles, and shredded vegetables and meats added to it. I would say that this noodle cuisine is the most popular dish for Japanese.

3. Sukiyaki
Sukiyaki is a Japanese pot dish. The main ingredients are beef, many vegetables, Udon and Tofu. I enjoyed eating with my family in winter time, sitting on the floor, talking, drinking Sake, around the Kotatsu. ( special Japanese low table covered by blanket.) That is the best way to eat Sukiyaki!

I wish I could explain all the Japanese foods….

Be a Japanese food lover!

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