Why not participate in a Poetry Slam tournament?!

It’s an art competition where poets recite original compositions in front of an audience and are judged by members of the public. The important thing is that competitors emphasize what they say and how they say it, most of the time about themes inspired by their daily lives. The choice of the topic is free and the aim is to bring the public together while generating a reaction.

The Poetry Slam was introduced in 1980 in the United States by the poet Marc Kelly Smith who started reading poems in the Chicago Jazz Club. He was very well accepted by the public and since then this practice has spread all over the world with all kinds and variations of poetry styles.

Everybody can perform in a slam poetry event, anyone who has can write and express something interesting in a poem is a good candidate. Poetry Slams are usually organized by artists who want to share, as a way to get known… The public has a right to applaud or to jeer at the poets to communicate if they think the recital of the poet is good or bad and whether he is communicating the message well.

The jury is selected among the members of the public attending the recital. There are certain rules to comply with in a Poetry Slam tournament:

• Each poem must be an original piece written by the author.
• Each poet has three minutes to read his poem, if he exceeds this time the jury will reduce their points at the end of the competition.
• It’s not allowed to use music, props or costumes.
• Each poem can be recited only once.

Tell us: Do you like the idea of Poetry Slam?


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