Why Students Should Volunteer Part 2

What about the Education Officer?

enro-intext-1Lots have been told about the education trainings in Brussels, but I haven’t told too much about the Education Officer’s meeting, the other group from ICE that I am part of.

Well, the Education Officer (EO) is a National Board Support position from ESN and each European country taking part in the Erasmus+ program should have or has such a representative.


Do you wonder what this person does? Well, he or she is the official person in the country who is in charge of events, projects, papers, and everything concerning the education policy. In other words, this ESNer maintains a diplomatic relationship between the organisation and the stakeholders that ESN is engaged with.

What else? The EO represents the students’ voice in the sense that he can influence the outcome of some projects as he or she is the official who is present at meetings and conferences with institutions and prestigious organisations.

  • Do you have an idea about an interesting project regarding youth but you do not know how to start? Ask your EO!
  • Do you want to know how to get a grant for a project you have? Ask your EO!
  • Do you need ideas to improve the good work and motivation of your volunteers in your ESN section? Ask your EO!
  • Do you or does your section want to know about European Voluntary Service (EVS), Youth Exchanges and Training Courses that you can apply for/participate? Ask your EO!
  • Do you need information regarding high standard education in your country? Ask your EO!
  • Do you need advice about a special university for your future Erasmus+ mobility? Go and ask your EO!

The EO is aware of almost everything regarding high quality education, because firstly, this is his or her passion, and secondly, he or she already knows where and whom to ask for even more information.

All in all, education is important for your future development, and you should always pursue your academic program in order to achieve your goals. Your EO is there to help and support you.

Also, don’t forget to have fun and be a true ESNer. Because, besides all these things, ESN means much more. ESN means drinking your Sunday morning coffee with your mates, singing in the bus on the way to Vama Veche and back, ESN means colour battle and swimming in the Black Sea at 18 degrees, ESN means responsible parties, eurotrip, SocialErasmus, tandem nights and also national and international platforms. Of course, ESN means multicultural people in an international family.

All these because #ThisIsESN.


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