Why would you go working in a foreign country?

Nowadays a lot of people started looking for jobs in a foreign country.

This could happen after the crisis which have struck us in the last years, but how can it be possible that what happened to our grand-parents is happening to us after more than 50 years, with almost the same aspect and phenomenon?

The answer is easy: in other countries possibilities are better and you have a lower amount to pay.

Let’s try to make a parallelism between the two countries with which I had more contact: Italy and Germany.

In Italy, after you study for years, and acquire the necessary skills, through university and Master Degree, the possibilities are worse than you expected. In fact, to work in the context you are specialized in, you have to be accepted to be a researcher, which in Italy is synonymous of instability. In fact the researcher has no great opportunity: the pay is less than in other countries and the contract does not ensure you to have a stable job which would allow you to live and to start up a family. Also working in some enterprises is rather difficult: the recession of these years and political governments left a problematic situation.

In particular, the euro issue and its political management through the government have been very important. In fact the government of Berlusconi, with Tremonti as Minister of Economics, was not able to control inflation’s tax and the result is the growth of general costs, in every sector. An espresso in a bar is now at the price of 1 Euro (1936,27 lire), when in 2001 it cost 1000 lire. This is applied to all sectors of our economy, in particular on the SME. The fee and taxes have raised a lot and now the normal payment of them is not normal anymore. Paying taxes, the enterprises are not able to expand on the market, so they decide to not paying them and make a “black market”, to gain more money. The enterprises do not hire any more workers and they reduce their budget. How does it work in Germany?

Government’s controls have been better, and you can understand this by going to the grocery store: prices are lower and there are also some young people working. Enterprises are new and use innovation to invade the market, using Internet quite a lot, which is the biggest innovation of our time.

In other words, who is going to work in a foreign country has the opportunity to grow, gain money and have the possibility to meet and experiment new politics and ideas which might help with the formation of a better future; also one day returning to the home land. It remains just to see what will happen at home, and make the right choice.


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