Will you get pregnant on the subways of Beijing?

On the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 22nd, Aug, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, was given the Olympic Flag from Beijing Mayor Guo Jinlong. Johnson then asked Guo about his experience on the solution of Beijing’s traffic situation; Guo said to humor him: “I am also thinking about that. But one thing is for sure, I will not be so mean as you that charging drivers congestion road tolling.”

But our cute Mayor must figure out another way to combat the worsening traffic jams in Beijing. Nowadays, there are already 3,000,000 automobiles running on the road in Beijing ——And, this number is increasing by 1,000 everyday!

Such the huge amount of cars makes 90% of the roads in Beijing saturated. According to the official statistics, during the rush hour, the average speed of the cars is 20 km/h; In some very busy area, the speed is 7 km/h ——a little bit faster than walking!

To encourage people to take public transportation, the government offers an extremely cheap price. For instance, you can take almost any bus to anywhere in the city by only spending 0.04 Euro; you can also take the subway to travel around the whole city by only 0.2 Euro. However, you may need to be even braver to take the public transportation than driving you own cars. There is a joke (which is not that elegant) stinging the crowdedness of the Subway in Beijing: One guy once complained: “the subway is so damnit crowed that it made my wife abortive last week! Another guy said:”so what? My wife got pregnant because of the damnit crowded subway last week!”

Although it’s just a joke, the experience of taking subway during the rush hour in Beijing is indeed a challenge. There is a kind of special “guard” in both Beijing’s and Tokyo’s subway systems. Their duty is giving apologize first then pushing you into the train. The “guard” in Beijing may not only help you to get into the train, but even also help you to get off the train —— for those passengers who are not strong enough to elbow a way through the crowd, they can just throw their arms to the guard and then wait to be dragged out from the carriage…

Now the officials of Beijing are racking their brains. They launched a website for collecting people’s suggestions regarding how to improve Beijing’s traffic situation. If you have any good idea, you may tell them as well:

Online Forum: http://zw.bjjtw.gov.cn/wsxx/jyzx/
E-mail: [email protected]
Hotline (English): +86-10-68351150 +86-10-68351570

Japan’s subway:

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5 thoughts on “Will you get pregnant on the subways of Beijing?”

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  2. Regarding the guy who said ”so what? My wife was pregnant because of the damnit crowded subway last week!”:

    As your blog post is Olympics-related, it is worth remembering that Jean Drapeau, then mayor of Montreal, is notorious for having said in 1973 the following about then upcoming 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic Games: “The Montreal Olympics can no more have a deficit than a man can have a baby.” Considering that it took Montreal about 20 years to pay off the debt from those games, I guess it’s not just women who should be worried about getting pregnant on the subway.

  3. It’s a convincing article, great try 🙂

    Dear Joel, China is in no shortage of money now, which is in your ignorance, and the Olypics generates long-term influences rather than short-term, which is common sense.

  4. Hi Yanghe,

    I just had to say that this page has a great title, it made me look when I saw it in the Google listings.

    Beijing need to develop the Human Shoe Horn, for squeezing those extra people into the train, or maybe have small, prepacked parcels of passengers waiting to be loaded … thus reducing the time that the train waits at the station.

    Cheers .. Phil 🙂

  5. Reminds me last time I went to Manila, Philippines. Their light rail train (LRT) is so crowded especially during rush hour that you can smell the other passenger’s breakfast. I went almost claustrophobic. A local told me that the best time to enjoy the LRT is early afternoon or mid morning when students and people are at work.

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