International Women’s Day -Tips for men!

1618542_596116500463552_1349933097_nIn my last article two weeks ago you read about the Defender Day of the Fatherland. Just to remind you, this day is known as a men’s day. On this day men were dedicated to receive gifts and were allowed to do everything they wanted. So, dear men, I hope you took advantage of that opportunity and got the most from that day, because time for revenge has come. So now, braсe yourself and get ready to a new challenge – international women’s day!

#8 of March is a day when every woman wants to be treated as a princess and waits for presents and surprises from her man. The funny thing is that women usually give to their men for 23 of February such presents as pair of socks, shaver or shower gel, but in return, for the 8 of March, they are waiting for a miracle. Sounds unfair, you might say. Oh well, that how we are 🙂

Women usually have high expectations for this day and, unless you are super creative and romantic person, it might be quite challenging to satisfy her. So to make this day easier for you, here are some tips. Nowadays the value of material presents is not that important. Believe it or not, luxury presents like jewelry, expensive perfumes or iPhones will not necessarily make your woman happier. Love is not a material thing. Love requires attention, caring, expressing your feelings. Therefore, I would suggest concentrating more on making this day for your girl full of pleasant and positive emotions! Make a reservation in the restaurant, take your girl for a romantic walk to the park, plan a trip or just impress her by your cooking skills! Unforgettable moments together are so much better than material presents! And of course, do not forget about flowers. Every woman likes it. But, be creative in choosing them. Express your feelings towards her in “flower language”. The list below will help you with that.

Lily – “It is a miracle to be beside you”

Daisy – “I am happy when you are happy”

Primrose – “I can’t live without you”

Good luck!


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