Would you like to get the job of your dreams?

As we all know very well, in order to get the job of our dreams, passing through a harsh interview process is among the basic steps and for a step that is so significant to take us to our dream job being well prepared is essential. World is changing in a stunning pace and people no longer prefer to be dependent on one single job for a lifetime. That is why it is something extra attention should be paid to and a plenty of time should be spent for the preparation before the meeting. After a short entry to emphasize the importance of the topic, we can begin with some critical hints to be taken into consideration 😉

bpsusf/Wikimedia Commons
bpsusf/Wikimedia Commons

First of all, being punctual and to show up for the interview on time is the most basic thing. Make sure that you have the documents like CV and the cover letter to take with you. The first impression is very important. You have to be careful with your hair style, the clothes (make sure that you are dressed in line with the corporate identity) and the jewellery you are wearing (make sure not to be very eye-catching). The way candidates express themselves, eye contact they will have with the interviewer and their body language are closely observed by the employers. Remember to shake hands upon entering the room, make sure you have switched off your cellular phone and know the names of the person or the people you will have meeting with, if possible beforehand, as being able to address them during the interview will have a direct effect on their perception of you that you are taking the job seriously and you are sincere in your approach for the position.

Additionally, you should convince the employer that you are the right person for the position and verily motivated to get the job. Market your qualifications in line with the requirements of the position and explain them why you are a perfect match with logical reasons. In case you are asked about your weaknesses (you will absolutely be asked), try to present them as strengths to make the employer think in a way that even your weaknesses are strengths.

Tell them being hired in their company is going to be a great opportunity for you to meet your career goals in the future and also to prove your business skills. Communicate openly about the conditions and requirements of the position which will be extremely beneficial for both parties (candidate and the interviewer) to prevent any probable frustration in the future plans.
Lastly, make a research on the website of the company before you come to the meeting about what the company specializes in, what type of products it produces, number of the employees working for it, its operations inland and/or abroad, even whether it is a corporate or a family-owned company.

Please do not hesitate to share your experiences you gained out of the interviews you have attended up to now.


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