You haven’t been to Saint-Petersburg yet? Now is the time.

Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Russia also known as the “cultural capital” due to the huge number of museums, theaters and cultural heritage objects situated in the city. Everyone can speak long about the sightseeing in Saint-Petersburg (or Piter, how it is shortly called in Russian) but I think that every city has something special beyond the well-known museums, something that is worth to attract the attention of non-locals. These exceptional things of Saint-Petersburg are what I decided to describe in my article.

  1. White Nights.

“White Nights” is a period of time in summer when even after the sunset there is no complete darkness. This phenomenon can be observed in areas located near the Arctic Circle. In particular, in St. Petersburg the lightest nights are held in the period from 11 June to 2 July. However, already from last days of May the nights are light enough and then they continue to gradually lighten day by day, making views of St. Petersburg more and more expressive at nights.



  1. Drawbridges

St. Petersburg is also known for the Neva-river and the canals, and as a consequence, a large number of bridges across the city. To ensure the passage of ships, there are drawbridges placed. In St. Petersburg there are 13 such bridges, which together with light illumination make incredibly beautiful sights at night.



  1. Subway

For some people subway is just a way to get around in the big city, but some can see the beauty even in the middle of underground rush of the weekdays. It is not so difficult, because some of the metro stations in Saint-Petersburg are so beautiful that they can be truly called a piece of art. So, even if you are in a hurry, when passing the metro station Pushkinskaya or Avtovo slow down for a second to look around and enjoy the magnificence of Petersburg’s subway.



What about your home city, is there anything so special that is worth to see besides the famous sightseeing places?


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