You know you’re Finnish when…

Finland flag mapFinland, a relatively remote country in the Northern end of Europe, is known for its beautiful nature, cold climate and a difficult language. The Finnish people are said to not be the most polite or talkative, and true: becoming friends with Finns can take some time. But have you ever wondered how it really feels like being a Finn? If so, you can get some ideas from the list below.

…no one knows where your country is located.
Of course, there is always someone who knows where Finland is. Yet, surprisingly many people even in Europe struggle to place it on a map. I will always remember an Italian student telling me “Oh Finland, I know! It’s the small island next to New Zealand!”

…you’re expected to be fluent in several languages.
A Finn speaking less than three languages? In theory it’s impossible to find such a person due to our obligatory language studies at school, but of course in practice it’s entirely possible. However, most Finns speak very good English and, actually, do we have a choice? Have you ever met a non-Finn happy to learn Finnish case endings and verb forms?

…others can’t understand how you can sometimes be cold.

This is a fact: Finns can feel cold too. Despite the relatively cold winters, we haven’t become immune to it. We are maybe just more used to cold temperatures and know how to dress appropriately (wearing layers is our secret weapon!).

…it’s great to meet other Finns abroad – and then to not talk to them!
There are only around 5,5 million Finns in the world, so the odds for meeting another Finn abroad are not incredibly high when compared to some other more populated countries. But the funny thing is that if two Finns then manage to meet abroad, they might avoid each other’s company altogether. Because nothing is nicer than being a Finn – besides being the only Finn!

Have you ever been to Finland? In case you want to visit us and see if it really feels like this, you might want to learn some basic phrases to make the most out of your trip!


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