You May enjoy!

NL Cover NLMay is coming up and it is my favorite month, the weather is amazing.. although in the Netherlands you never really know what you’re going to get. However chances are that the weather is soft and soothing and it has a perfect balance between rainy days (avg. 6cm) for the agricultural sector and sunny days (avg. 7hrs a day) for the occasional barbecues. The average temperature is about 15ºC with some extreme peaks too, as the records show: 32 ºC in 1998 and -3 ºC in 1976. May is also known as the bloeimaand (flourishing month). The pleasant weather often has a healing effect on slightly depressed people, so imagine what it does to people that are completely fine already!

Fun fact: There is no other month of the year (including the leap years) that starts on the same day as May, ever. I checked.. it never happens.

There are a few idioms in Dutch regarding the month May. The English language only has one ‘April showers bring May flowers’ and this says more about April than it does about May. In Dutch however, there are more. One is more common than the other, but they are all about May.

• In mei leggen alle vogels in ei – In May all birds lay eggs
• Onweer in mei maakt de boeren blij – Thunder in May makes the farmers happy
• Een koude mei, een gouden mei – A cold May, a gold May
• Als het regent in mei, is april voorbij – When it rains in May, April is over
• In mei nat, een droge juni volgt haar pad – If May is wet, a dry June will follow.

Then for people travelling to the Netherlands in May, there are a few important dates that are good to know about.

May 4th : Remembrance of the Dead (Dodenherdenking)
May 5th : Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag)
2nd Sunday of May: Mother’s day (Moederdag)


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