Your Word has Power

Are words important? Can we use them as a weapon? Can one word change everything? Is a word enough to express our opinions?

The power of what you say to a person can influence the rest of their life, therefore, try always to keep in mind that what you say has power and perpetuity, and always try to communicate effectively with people with whom you relate. Most of the time we do not realize the effect our words have on people.

Traveling and experiencing different cities around the world may be compared to uttering words – every time we pronounce a word out loud, we are giving it perpetuity. When we express and share a word with a loved one, we are giving it importance; we convey it to those listening to us – in short it is as if we were immortalizing the word.

The influence a word has when we utter it is generally underestimated, and its consequences forgotten. What we say is directly reflected from our thoughts and feelings, these thoughts can be good or bad, so it is important that we review our thoughts and words before saying them.

Always try to have a positive impact on people you know, use every word and every opinion in a positive way. Your words have power and can hurt people so you should think before saying them. Usually people do not remember your physique, but will always remember the positive impact you’ve had on them, so your relationship with the people should serve to build long term relationships and not to destroy.

We would like you to share with us a positive word or phrase someone has said to you. Or is there a positive or negative memory that you will always remember?


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