Cheesy pick up lines you should never want to use!

You might want to spend your life without ever finding love. But if you are like me and I guess, like billions of people all over the world, you might at some point of your life want to find your soul mate.

This can be done at any age, and well, there is no proper way to find love. But there are more appropriate ways to make sure that the person you like or just found interesting could be your perfect match. No matter what, it always starts there: the Flirting stage!

Scary, right? Well, obviously, some are more likely to be good at flirting, and some others just don’t understand the meaning of it! There are many techniques, and you can even find agencies that help you through flirting in several stages. But, in the end, there is no secret pick up line that will work for everyone and everywhere around the globe. And flirting evolves with time. What worked a decade ago is obviously going to be considered “cheesy” nowadays. This is exactly the case in France for example. The romantic approach might not be the best one. Well, if you need a few tips, just have a look at this test.

So, just because there is no perfect technique and approaches when it comes to flirting and because we are no “Flirting” professionals, we just decided to tell you “what not to do or say” in our own countries. Why? Well, because we don’t know what works but we definitely know what doesn’t work!

Have a look at this articles in which you will find the cheesiest pick up lines in several countries:

France: English | Français

Latin America: English | Español

India: English | हिंदी

Sweden: English | Svenska

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