Easter: Holyday or Holiday?

Are you an Easter fan or do you just enjoy the fact that it brings along holidays? Anyway, Easter is a feast that is celebrated almost everywhere in the world. For some countries, it means a lot and sometimes it’s even the most important time of the year.

Above all, Easter is a religious feast that you can find in several religions such as Catholicism and Judaism. For those of you who don’t know what it relates to or have never heard about Easter, just simply because you don’t celebrate it in your country: Easter is the celebration of Jesus being resurrected.

On another end, Easter is also a good occasion for family reunion, eat lots of food and give and receive presents. There are plenty of different traditions from one country to another. Some are more religion-oriented and some others are just simply crazy and funny.

Since we all have different views on Easter and since we all have specific beliefs and traditions in our own countries when it comes to celebrating Easter, we thought this would be interesting to know more about it.

If you want to learn more about Easter in different countries or just want to read about cultural and funny traditions, then have a look at these articles below. And if you think you know everything about Easter, well, you might find out new facts about it by clicking here!

Romania: English | Română

Sweden: English | Svenska

Italy: English | Italiano

Poland: English

New Zealand: English

France: English | Français

Brazil: English | Português

There is unfortunately no Easter celebrations in Japan, due to too many religious differences. However, we thought it might be interesting to know more about the “Sakura” (Cherry blossom). Just have a look.

Japan: English | 日本語

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