Essential Qualities for being a Super Hero

Probably because I was too bored, I was suddenly interested in Super Heroes. Then I made a big discovery: many super heroes have something in common. For instance, many of them have animal-related super powers (look at the names of these super heroes: Spiderman, Batman, Catwoman, Sun wukong, Tarzan etc.); Many of them are orphans; And almost all of them have a kick-ass dress-sense. And of course, they always meet an opponent as powerful as them (this is probably the meaning of their existence).

So I was thinking, why not ask our Lexiophiles writers from more than ten countries to write something about the super hero in their country? Then we may summarise the characteristics of being a super hero. So far, we have listed the following national super heroes:

Italian: English | Italiano
The concept of being a superhero doesn´t belongs to Italian culture. Indeed we have many examples of anti-heroes, like Diabolik or Corto Maltese.

French: English | Français
The super heroes in francophone Europe are made of paper: Asterix the Gaul and Bob & Bobette are comic-book heroes. With Asterix’s magic potion and Bob & Bobette’s time machine, be ready to travel to the past and other cultures !

Brazilian: English | Português
Superheroes for “grown women”: The Latin America´s Telenovelas show that having a good heart (and looks) can turn someone into a hero.

Chinese : English | 汉语
This Chinese Super Hero is miraculously powerful, an orphan, 2585 years old so far, and… a monkey!

Swedish: English | Svenska
Kenny Starfighter is an Interplanetary Enforcer who relies on high-tech gadgets which are superior on Earth.

Japanese: English | 日本語
Contemporary bad and good Japanese superheroes.

I have to say, though you may never get a chance to be a Super Hero, you are indeed able to be a “True Hero”. Check this article then tell us if you agree or not.

P.S. If you count yourself as an expert or scholar of Super Heroes, you may want to try this quiz: Super Heroes. Have fun!

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