Hottest Summer Drinks 2010

The summer has arrived! …and what a summer it is turning out to be! Europe has been hit by a real heat wave these past weeks and that has gotten us thinking: What to do to refresh during the day, and if you’re going out in the evening; what should you drink to stay cool?

I was lying in a hammock the other day – literally melting away in the shade. A friend of mine showed up with a tall glass and some yellow-looking contents. He handed it to me and said,
“Drink this, it’ll cool you off.” I took it from him and was amazed. It was just fantastic. It was some sort of banana juice mixed with other fruits and juices. It was great. I wish I knew how to make a refreshing drink like that. In fact I wish I knew how to make loads of drinks like that.

Introducing the Hottest Summer Drinks 2010 as presented by and Lexiophiles!

Over the coming weeks we will be collecting the best summer drinks and presenting them here. However, we would love your participation. What people drink to stay chilled on a hot day varies from Lemonade to Hot Tea to Coconut Water to Ice Tea, depending on where in the world you are. If you know of a great summer drink recipe either on your blog or published somewhere else on the Internet; send us an email (contact details below) by July 22. Want to share a drink recipe with the world, but can’t find it online or don’t have your own blog? No problem! Simply send us the recipe in an email and we will publish it for you here on Lexiophiles.

We will then put together a list with links to all the submitted recipes and publish it here on July 23. All together we will vote for the best summer drink 2010. You will have 10 days to try all the great recipes and once the voting is over (August 2) we will publish the results with the best drinks from all over the world on August 3.

Send your submissions to [email protected] no later than July 22.

The and Lexiophiles Team!

UPDATE: Whilst you wait for all the recipe submissions to get in, so you can try them out, why not take a quiz test your English drinking vocabulary knowledge.

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  1. Thanks for the input!

    You are welcome to email me any suggestions for drink recipes that you have. I have already noted the ones in the comments though 😉
    Be sure to check back and vote for your favorite once we have published all the submissions on July 23.

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