How to travel cheaply

Just because work can be sometimes too stressful and tiring, we need to relax and enjoy our free time. There might be plenty of things you can do just to take your mind out of work, but traveling also gives you the opportunity to discover new things and completely disconnect from your everyday life.

But traveling costs money and in today’s world, where the only word you hear on radio and TV programs is “Economic crisis”, all the possible solutions to travel cheaper have to be considered. You can find tricks to travel cheaper in any country but it is very difficult when you’ve never been to this country yourself.

That’s why we asked several of our Lexiophiles writers to give you some tips on how to travel cheaper in their own countries. If you fancy a trip to any of those countries, (France, Sweden, Romania and more), don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the tips you can find in the articles. And if you have new tips, feel free to share them! And if you fancy a trip but still don’t know where, here are some quizzes that might give you some ideas.

Romania: English | Română

Sweden: English | Svenska

France: English | Français

Belgium: English

Poland: English

Brazil: English | Português

China: English | 汉语

Italy: English | Italiano

Japan: English | 日本語

New Zealand: English

India: English | हिंदी

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