On the Future of Education

Since we started bab.la four years ago we have talked to many entrepreneurs in the educational field, seen many start-ups, evaluated a ton of ideas (and tried several of them), discussed various educational subjects with both traditional “offline” publishing houses and online companies. Education in the traditional sense (i.e. school, college camp; university) hasn’t really changed in the last 200 years of how it is being taught. In the last 20 years the concept of continuous education (also called life-long learning) came up. And with the start of the Internet we have seen many different approaches of how to make education happen online.

Today, many of the former pure-play offline products and services have moved online – one example is the dictionary business we are in. I recently saw a talk by Ken Robinson where he remarked that today’s first year school children will retire in the year 2065 (more likely 2070-2075). How do we teach kids what to know in 60 years from now? That’s what got me started thinking: What will the future hold? How should education look like in 30 years and what do we need to do in order to achieve this?

There is no right answer but there are many bright people in the educational field who probably have a pretty good idea. That’s my starting point. This is a series of interviews with bright, influential, forward-thinking people who work on the subject of education. I will publish the interviews in the next weeks one by one and include the links below. Also make sure to check out some of the cool TED talks on education.



Kirsten Winkler: Teacher, blogger, edupreneur. Kirsten started her career as a teacher and quickly included online technology in her teaching. She then decided to share her experiences on her blog and has gradually started covering and consulting the online education space.

More interviews to come!

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