Take it to the next level – bab.la World Language Cup 2013

Two weeks later and the competition has already started to get tight! Language lovers all over the world voted for their native or other favorite language, but the bab.la Language World Cup is not over yet! So let’s have a look at what happened so far!

Although the 1/16 finals are over, you can still support your favorite language to reach the top in this competition as we are now moving forward to the 1/8 finals. Some battles had an easy win while others were on the edge. As in every game, there are some defeats and victories, so with no further introduction, here are results of the first round:

But, as I said before, the contest continues. The winners of the first round are now facing each other in the second round of the competition! You can find below the schedule of each battle so that you know when your favorite language is competing.

We started with 32 and now we are down to 16 languages left in the competition so we’re also really curious to see who is going to be the winner and how many votes it gets! So far we have gathered more than 28,000 votes and we are counting more each day! Until the next update, check the competition here and vote for you favorite language!

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