Tips to Travel Cheaply

It is obvious that when learning a foreign language the best way to improve your skills is to visit a country where this language is spoken, not only to extend your knowledge of the language, but also to get in touch with the culture and lifestyle. Learning a language is not just about words and grammar, to master a language you have to live it and know how the natives act and live.

Thus, for all of us language lovers traveling is an important part of the whole process of language learning. Traveling is also a great way to broaden your mind and discover other cultures and unknown languages!

Sadly for us, money is often in the way. Traveling is fun and interesting but it is rarely free, especially if you plan on going to a faraway land. Fortunately, even if you cannot entirely get rid of the money problem, you can still find a way to limit your spending and have a good time without worrying too much about your wallet. The key is to find the good bargains in each country you’re visiting, and know exactly what to do to save a few bucks.

Our writers at Lexiophiles have come to your rescue and shared their tips according to their countries. They talk about what to do if you want to travel cheaply and not end up completely broke when you visit their own country. Are you curious? Are you planning on going to Italy, China, France, New Zealand or Brazil in the next few weeks? Then take a look at these articles, they might be of some help!

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