Top 10 Language Podcasts!

Ever wondered how a coherent phrase sounds like in a foreign language if you said it right? Well, we all do. Getting the pronunciation of a foreign language right is no easy task. Tired of coming out with the same mumbo-jumbo every time you go on holiday and try to speak with the locals? We’ve all been there! You’ve done the homework before, gotten the small phrasebook, read the precious examples only to end up mastering just a few basic phrases. And at a mediocre level, to say the least… That’s because you only got an idea of how the language looks like on paper, not of how the language really sounds. In order to get the knack of it you don’t need to be a language prodigy, you just have to listen to the language. And that’s precisely why we’ve come up with this language podcast list! We want you to be able to express yourself as genuinely as possible in any foreign language of your choice. And what better way to do that than with the help of a language podcast? Don’t miss out:

Have a great language learning experience! Ben and Giulia.

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