VOTE! For The Hottest Summer Drink 2010

Submissions are in and it is time to vote for the Hottest Summer Drink 2010! Click on a drink to view the recipe or click the radio box and the ‘vote’ button to vote for it.

We would like, first of all, to thank anyone who emailed us with suggestions for cocktail recipes!

As always, gathering submissions and looking at blogs was great fun and an amazing learning experience. One thing we found out was that our timing could not have been better, or worse depending on how you look at it. The (to my understanding, so don’t quote me on it) biggest cocktail-related event of the year is currently on in New Orleans. For those of you, like me, who are just now finding out about this event – head on over to Tales of the Cocktail and find out all about it.

We’ve learned something else also. It seems people who are really interested in mixology aren’t always interested in the non-alcoholic variety. We originally wanted to have two lists. One alcoholic and one non-alcoholic, but due to the fact that Jeffrey Morgenthaler was the only one to submit a non-alcoholic recipe we’ll just publish that separately.

Submissions are in! Time to Vote!

Now, don’t forget to vote! …and check back on August 3 to see the Hottest Summer Drinks 2010.

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