What applications would you add to your iPhone?

The iPhone is a smart phone that was created by Apple Inc. It first appeared in 2007 and was then introduced all over the world. It was even named “invention of the year 2007” in Time magazine.

It offers all the basics we are used to in a mobile phone, but has so much more: Internet connectivity, access to iTunes and Apple store, GPS, weather forecast, and so on.

But are the features offered by the iPhone too general? Does it really take into account all countries’ needs and particularities?

We all have stereotypes about other countries (test your knowledge with this quizz) and could probably find out which applications French people, for instance, would add on their iPhone.

Well, it might not have all those really fancy and funny applications sticking to all countries stereotypes so far, but still, it offers loads of applications; and by loads I mean LOADS. TechCrunch, dedicated to profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies reported yesterday that Apple just passed its 1 billionth App for the iPhone.

In the meantime, here are a few really good ideas for specific features we thought the iPhone should have in our own countries.

And if you think of something else, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us!

India: English | हिंदी

Romania: English | Română

France: English | Français

New Zealand: English

Latin America: English | Español

Sweden: English | Svenska

Switzerland: English

Italy: English | Italiano

Japan: English | 日本語

Germany: English

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