Wording: How to find the word you’re missing

Isn´t it rewarding to master a foreign language? So many years spent reading grammar, learning vocabulary and assimilating syntax. Finally, you are there. Or almost? Are there not some twilight zones persisting? The right preposition after a given name or adjective? The correct particle that turns a regular verb into a phrasal one?

If these symptoms apply to your condition, then we have the panacea you have been looking for all along!

How to write right!

Sometimes, you have 90% of it. You could have the perfect sentence, but there is one tiny word missing to it and you just cannot pinpoint what it is. How frustrating is that?! Time to put an end to the age of doubts; here comes the era of certainties. bab.la’s latest product, wording, helps you build sentences based on statistics, decreasing the risk of making mistakes when writing. How do statistics play a role in your writing skills? Wording browses millions of sentences stored in its database and analyses how often a combination of words is used.

Here is how it works (also check the screenshot below):

• You enter the beginning of the sentence you need help for, e.g. “I am looking”

• You place a question mark for the word you want to know about, e.g. “I am looking ?”

• Wording shows you the words that are most likely to be right.

• You choose what fits best.

Quick, free and easy! What’s more, the software retrieving data for you to choose from displays the percentage of use for each option. That should give you a boost to beat the odds. Thanks to wording, your essays, reports and any other documents written in English will have a nice flavour of fluency.

Screenshot of the wording product:

Never lost for words again!

Now that you saved so much time on your writing, you can try the fun side of Wording. You don’t believe there is a fun side to it? I let you try for yourself, use the following phrase:

“[Insert name of famous person] is a ?”

You will most certainly read unexpected statements – for which we decline all responsibilities if it happens to be about you 😉

Enjoy toying with wording and feel free to share the funniest sentence results you come across!

Wording screenshot | bab.la logo

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