IX 09 – Top 100 International Exchange & Experience Blogs 2009

We here at bab.la love a good list. We can’t help it, we love them. Anything with a top 10, top 20 or even top 100 and we just can’t get enough. We have created a few of these kind of lists before, and turns out you guys love them too, so we have decided to create a brand new list to kick off our list-making for 2009!

Aside from lists, we also love languages and international adventure as most of us here at Lexiophiles and bab.la are foreigners living in Germany on exchange programmes! So, to celebrate and recognize all the other adventurous students and young people around the world we are making a list of the best international exchange & experience blogs on the web. These blogs can come from anyone undertaking a semester abroad, an international internship, or any sort of exchange programme that involves them living, learning, exploring and experiencing a foreign country.

This is where we need your help… we want you to nominate your favourite blog relating to international exchange! In a couple of weeks, we will publish our new list of the most interesting blogs and you will then get to vote for your favourite, who knows – you may even find a NEW favourite!

So, to nominate your favourite blog (it could even be your own blog!) enter the URL in the comments box below and our happy team will collate them all into a beautiful list and will publish it back here on Lexiophiles in a couple of weeks so you can begin voting. There are some cool prizes up for grabs for the winners, not to mention the huge group of new readers they could get – it’s every bloggers dream!

The cutoff date to submit your favourite blog is Sunday May 24, so hurry! If you have any questions about how the competition will work, then email erin (at) bab.la

Good luck!

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