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The voting period for The Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010 ended on February 14th. Please check here for more information.

Time to Vote for IX10

Total Voters: 17,975

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82 thoughts on “Vote for IX10 here!”

  1. Hi John Water,

    Thanks for your comment! We’ve just checked and e-dublin has jumped from 18% to 20% not to 28%. It seams pretty fair to us any blog going up in two percent. We appreciate your concern. 🙂
    Let’s keep voting for our favorite blogs!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi, I am puzzled: just a few days ago we were scoring 2% and now there is a zero showing. Can you explain, please? Thanks.

  3. Hi salamander,

    We’ve been checking our voting rates and apparently there is a software bug in our voting system. To assure all the votes are taken into consideration and, therefore, a fair competition, the votes will be counted manually at the end of the voting period. Your blog has 24 votes so far, which represents 2,5%.

    Thanks for all the comments and good luck to all,


  4. Just so you know we are running a campaign to get votes on E-Dublin. It’s been shared with people from UK, Brazil, Germany and here in Ireland. I also got surprised when I saw the results but I can ensure we are not doing anything different from spreading it via all communication channels we have.

  5. New note about american culture!

    Thanks for voting for my blog AMERICAN DREAM!!!

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  8. Hello, two people from Spain voted on Proxima Estacion yesterday night and the votes are not here. Is any problem happening? Because my blog has 110 votes since yesterday morning, it should have 112 votes.

  9. You may say that you will be counting votes manually, but how? I know from having been sent vote confirmations by friends and fans of the blog that we’ve had over a hundred votes cast for us (and that’s only those we know of), yet there is ZERO showing on your counter. Not only that, but I am being told by people who come to vote that owing to the random, non-alphabetical (or any other), system the list is very hard to orient in. It seems your competition is shambles from the start and we who have taken part in good faith have simply been used (for what?)

  10. Guys, please note that it shows the percentage. If your blog had 50 votes, it may represent 0.8% of the total votes, which means that they will show as 0% on the stats.

    also, depending on how many votes the other blogs have, it may reduce your percentage. It’s logically correct.

  11. Hello fellow blog lovers!
    Thank you all for voting for my Blog/Youtube Channel, as others noticed i am listed under “The Basti Show” which is the name of my Youtube Channel… but i do have a normal Blog as well please check it out!
    Congratulations to the winners! I am realy happy to be in this contest because not only i had the chance to see a lot of diffrent blogs, but i also got about 4000 views in those 2 weeks. Thank you lexiophiles 🙂

  12. I’ve heard from many readers that they weren’t able to vote at all. They just saw a list of blogs here, without checkboxes or a vote button. Not sure if this falls under your “voting irregularities” or what.

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  14. @priscila: I got the complaints before the 14th. Something you should look in to before next year’s vote.

    Here’s one example from my site’s Facebook page:
    “Claudia Liem Kist
    I cannot vote from my MacPro! No boxes appear for me to check!
    February 13 at 3:16am”

    And from an email:
    “Tue, February 9, 2010 2:39:59 AM
    From: Steven Black

    I tried voting for your blog but I was unable to actually vote – I could only see the listing of the Websites”

  15. @AmiExpat: We really appreciate your comments. Thanks, they’ll help us to improve our work and next years’ competition!



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