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The voting period for The Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010 ended on February 14th. Please check here for more information.

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82 thoughts on “Vote for IX10 here!”

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  7. writes:
    Out of the blue, this nomination arrived. Who, when or why had found us is a mystery, but what a pleasant mystery it is! We are obviously delighted at the news, and we should be honoured if you read our blog, and vote for us if you like what you find there. The blog records the British expats’ love-affair with southern Bohemia – its beauty, its nature, its arts and crafts, but also daily life, house reconstruction travails, and general goings-on in and around the breathtakingly beautiful town of Cesky Krumlov.

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  9. I was looking at this list and I couldn’t help noticing that one ‘blog’ with quite some votes isn’t really a blog! I suppose you checked the nominees before putting them in this list, but ‘The basti show’ is some collection of youtube movies and not a written blog… If someone could win votes by selecting videos from youtube, well that isn’t really the goal of this competition… Lexiophiles and not Youtubephiles…

  10. Please vote for a good friend of mine’s blog. It’s called Indonesia Raya. She is a high school exchange student from the United States studying in Indonesia for an entire year! I’m telling you, this courageous young woman deserves your vote. Thanks.

  11. ‘The basti show’ is not a written blog, but a video blog with videos showing his life experience abroad. He not only selects videos from youtube but also makes his own videos about his exchange experience. We believe it fits IX10 as the competition is about sharing the joys, difficulties and adventures of living abroad. There’s also a written version of the blog that can be seen in

    Best regards and good luck to all nominated blogs!

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  17. Thank you Priscila and everybody from to nominate “Próxima Estación” on the IX 10 Top 100. It´s a honor and a pleasure to be among the candidates to be one of the 100 best blogs about live in abroad. I am very glad to know that my blog is enjoyed. Thank you everyone who votes on my blog!

    Alessandra Mosquera – Madrid – Spain

  18. Thank you to the people who put my Blog forward:Diary of a British ExpatriateBlogger in Helsinki Finland

    Much appreciated & good luck to all

    Best Regards

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  21. Aos que chegaram aqui buscando informação e histórias de ex-patriados Brasileiros espalhados por todo o mundo, vale a pena dar uma checada no Brasil com Z.

    O site conta com mais de 10 colaboradores de qualidade espalhados por todos os continentes trazendo suas experiências, fotos e opiniões. Vale a pena dar uma passada para começar a imaginar seu próximo lugar dos sonhos; e por que não, re-afirmar o seu amor pelo Brasil também.

    Até a próxima!

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  23. muito bom seu blog Oscar, tem muita informação e viajamos muito com vcs nessa jornada mundo a fora do nosso Brasil, continue assim, e sucesso , Carlos

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  25. A trully well done to everyone shortlisted here. It’s beautiful to see many people sharing their passion and experiences abroad.

    Congratulations to my Brazilian friends and it’s grateful to represent Brazil in this list. Let’s do it guys!

    Keep it up, many thanks for Babla as well, for all organisation of the list

  26. The Blog is well oranaized, Jeanine writes useful information e her point of view about life, friendship makes us to think about our own lives.
    Great BLOG

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  28. Excelente o Blog da Renata, com ela aprendemos sobre o que passa uma esposa expatriada, eu ja fui uma e nunca escrrevi sobre minhas experiencias e me arrependo pois nós que passamos por isso temos uma escola de vida que devemos, temos obrigação de divulgar, é como um serviço à coletividade, por isso o meu voto vai para o

  29. Thank you to whoever nominated my blog Seashells and Sunflowers! As an American expat living in Argentina, I enjoy sharing my experiences as well as photos and insights about my new home. Please stop by and visit if you have the chance.

  30. Obrigada a quem me nomeou pra participar na companhia de tao estimada concorrencia. O meu blog nunca quis ser um diario de experiencias fora do Brasil, mas acaba que essa e’ a mensagem que ele passa porque e’ inevitavel fazer analise e comparacao da vida nos Estados Unidos e na minha querida Bahia.
    Pra uma nordestida o Norte dos EUA e um desafio e tanto, e a minha maior briga durante todos esses anos tem sido com a natureza, o clima e a vida pacata.

  31. Hi Guys,

    I think you should check your security system because is very strange the way the stats are working for e-dublin. They ‘ve just jumped from 18% to 28% in a few minutes. This doesn’t look good at all.
    Let’s play fair!

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  33. Thank you to whoever nominated me for this award, it was a great surprise.

    I am a British expat who turned her life on its head when she fell for an Okie (the Hubster) in an online backgammon room! Went from stressed out, overworked and stuck in traffic…to chilled out, where’s the traffic and look out for tornadoes! Now living far, far off the beaten track in rural Oklahoma (Okieland) and loving life Y’ALL!

    Please come by to visit and vote for me!

  34. “Uma esposa expatriada” é ótimo. Além do prazer deste “contato” com a pessoa maravilhosa que é a Renata desfruto de aprendizado e entretenimento de elevada qualidade. Parabéns a ela.

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