Top 100 Language Blogs

Here at lexiophiles we love all our fellow bloggers. Some are really good and others are just fantastic! Here is our list of the Top 100 language and education blogs currently on the web. Read about how and why we made this list here.

1. The English Blog:
Blog covering both old and new Internet resources for learners and teachers of English. Not only reviews and presentations, but also advice on how to get the most out of it.
2. English Experts:
Blog on studying English as a second language online for Portuguese speakers.
3. Listen to English:
Podcast and blog for learners of English. Topics include current events, items of interest and cultural quirks.
4. E|FL 2.0:
Blog with information about learning English as a foreign language in today’s online 2.0 environment. Includes tools, reviews and articles.
5. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…:
Reviews and comments on various websites to help teach and learn ELL, ESL, & EFL.
6. Polish Blog:
Blog on the Polish language and learning it. The blog includes tips & tricks, answering readers questions and looking at different learning tools.
7. Mission to Learn:
A blog on how to be more successful in finding and benefiting from learning experiences – online and off.
8. Teach42:
Education and Technology. Looking at different tools to use and how to use them, by Steve Dembo.
9. Cuaderno Intercultural:
Blog which collects and organizes information, resources, advice, news, and everything that can be useful to intercultural teaching and foreign students.
10. Language Geek:
Tips and tricks on learning languages and language education. Views and reviews on helpful websites as well as articles on study techniques.
11. I <heart> France: About all things French from teaching the language, to living the culture.
12. Joanne Jacobs: Joanne Jacobs presents her views on current educational topics and themes.
13. Language Log: General language blog covering academic language related issues. Among other things discussing recent developments in the field of language studies.
14. Languagehat: General language blog covering language related issues, with frequent discussion of literature and translation.
15. A Way with Words: Public radio language show with podcasts. Readers and listeners mail, post or call their questions to the hosts.
16. EFL Geek: Blog on English as a foreign language. Discusses what tools there are and how to use them.
17. The Hesitant Scribe: Procrastinations, musings, digressions, and a little bit on writing. Or the miserable little life of a PhD student and would be novelist
18. Join Martin: Journalist, Martin Drury, has just 1 year to learn as many languages as possible. This blog covers what he does and how he does it.
19. Freestyle Language: A freestyle approach to learning foreign languages
20. Peter Harvey, linguist: Linguist blog on matters connected with language in general and the English language in particular.
21. Learn Greek Through Music: Learning the greek language the easy way, by relating to topics in life and songs. Tips and help on how to use these tool to improve.
22. The Linguist on Language: Steve Kaufmann, who speaks 10 languages, regularly challenges traditional language teaching methods on his blog, and discusses how best to learn languages on your own.
23. Über Setzer Logbuch: German blog on language, Russian and translation. Includes articles on the latest news on related areas.
24. The NH Bushman: Food, travel, experiences, photos, plenty of fun and good times with MJ and Hui-chen in Taiwan and Asia
25. Sinosplice: Blog to help understand all things China. Includes articles on language, culture and everything inbetween.
26. Fritinancy: Names, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English language.
27. Wordlustitude: This is a growing dictionary of ephemeral words, also known as nonce or stunt words. All readers are strongly encouraged to use these terms in their blogs, poems, prophesies, and recipes
28. The Grammaphobia Blog: Q and A blog on grammar. Readers questions on use of English are answered and discussed on a daily basis.
29. Slang o’ the Day: Slang o’ the day presents and discusses a new slang expression each day, to make sure we keep up with what those damn kids are saying.
30. Webster’s Daily: Found poetry from the first edition of Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language (1828). A new definition every day.
31. Dutch’s English Language Oddity…: This blog investigates the phrases, idioms, slogans and sayings that may have influenced your life
32. auf gut Deutsch: This blog acts as an aggregator of Web2.0 tools and a variety of materials. Includes views and reviews as well as how to get the most out of it.
33. PickTheBrain: A website focused on self improvement. It provide tips and advice to help you live a little smarter.
34. yndigo: Blog on translation with both insights and incites. Covers many aspects of translation.
35. Miss-Verständnis: Germany 101. Blog on the German langage, culture, oddities and what not.
36. Speaking English Podcast: Tips on sounding like a native speaker. Videos and other tools to help eliminate mistakes common for both foreign and native speakers of English.
37. Tower of Confusion: Blog with general thoughts on interesting language topics with other language learners. Another theme of this blog is multiculturalism
38. cataspanglish: Learning and languages. This blog discusses learning tips and tricks.
39. Tjyvlyssnat: This blog is packed with eavesdropped conversations in Swedish. Unfortunatley it is only in Swedish.
40. separated by a common language: Observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK
41. Omniglot: Language-related musings on a number of topics and languages, all under the motto – one language is never enough
42. About Translation: Information, news and opinions about professional translation.
43. fidus interpres: Blog on translation primarily related to German-Portuguese and English-Portuguese translation.
44. Arnaba’s Weblog: DaF und Web2.0 – Lehrmittelsammlung. German blog with a collection of tools for learning German as a second language.
45. Zwiebelfisch: German blog on quirks in the German Language. Bastian Sick writes on topics ranging from language history to correct use.
46. Hanzi Smatter: This blog is dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture.
47. David on Formosa: Blog focusing the commentary to all things Taiwanese — Taipei, Taiwan
48. Mr. Verb: Dealing with language evolution. This blog looks deeper at what direction our language is taking us and how we use it.
49. Learning the Language: Blog on difficult policy questions, explore learning innovations, and share stories about different cultural groups.
50. Fun English Lessons: ESL Podcasts, Learn English for free! Blog and podcast for learners of English.
51. BLOGBOGSTAVER: Ordkløverens blog om det danske sprog. A blog on the danish language.
52. Naked Translations: Reflections on words, expressions and the difficulties encountered on the bridge from the English to the French language.
53. Blogging Translator: Translation and Linguistics. A blog covering general topics on translation.
54. DAILYFRENCHPOD: Learn French Podcasts. A blog and pocast to help advance in the French language.
55. Modersmålskredsen: Nyt om dansk-nordisk sprog og sprogrøgt. News related to Danish and Norse languages and use thereof.
56. ESL pod: More than 400 free audio podcast files for intermediate learners of English. Uses conversation, news, and listeners’ questions to improve listening comprehension of English.
57. Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom: Joe Dale offers practical tips and advice on using ICT to enhance the teaching of modern foreign languages.
58. Learning Spanish Blog: There are reviews of Spanish learning products but this isn’t a review site. This is about the journey of learning the Spanish language.
59. Thai 101: Thoughts on Thai language, media, and culture.
60. Learn Languages Now: Blog providing you with all the resources, articles and reviews you need to learn a new language.
61. Portuguese tips: Blog full of tips by a Brazilian Portuguese Teacher.
62. It’s A Hardknock Teacher’s Life: A ToC trying to keep it real, in spite of the odds. Blog covering topics on teaching.
63. adVancEducation: Blog on the use of new technologies in education. Featuring reviews, where-to-find and how-best-to-use articles.
64. Mandarin Student: English person attempting to learn Mandarin from the Internet. Resources and advice to help other budding Mandarin students in a similar position.
65. Linguaphilia: This is the language learning blog of a young girl who´s already studying several languages and has strong ambitions to become a real polyglot and linguist.
66. Grammar Girl: Blog with quick and dirty tips for better writing.
67. education & tech: Blog covering the latest in fields of Learning, Knowledge, Tech and Social Media
68. DaF-Blog: Über das Deutschlernen und -lehren mit und ohne Internet.
69. Musings from an overworked translator: Featuring musings life in general and the translation industry.
70. John Wells’s phonetic blog: Blog on everything to do with phonetics; from application to education to resources.
71. Cognition and Language Lab: Blog that runs experiments through the Web testing human reasoning, particularly in the domain of language.
72. Teacher Dude’s Grill and BBQ: Random thoughts on teaching EFL/ESL and living in Greece.
73. Wishydig: English language blog
74. Bringing up Baby Bilingual: All about raising kids with more than one language, including profiles of bilingual families, reviews of books and other materials, suggestions for language-learning activities, and stories about teaching French to young children.
75. English, ESL — and more!: A great resource for all students and teachers…
76. learn Italian language: Learning Italian Blog
77. Ryan’s linguistics blog: Topics can range from phonetics to syntax to aspects of specific languages
78. Brave New Words: A blog about translation, language, literature, and other related topics.
79. Free Language: Discover the best free and commercial resources, lessons and courses for learning loads of foreign languages online. Learn about and compare social language learning networks, podcasts, videos, mp3s, news, blogs and more!
80. 25 letters in the alphabet: Exploring the effects of Web2.0 on the english language
81. if bees are few: reveries on teaching, learning, and living
82. Pukka German: Learn REAL German! Colloquial language, idioms, slang and streetwise lingo.
83. the shifted librarian: Library related materials
84. English Rules: Polish EFL blog
85. Learn a language: gerally about learning languages
86. Paleoglot: Ancient languages, cultures and civilizations
87. “la parole exportée”: keeping it up in the translation/interpretation sphere
88. Motivated Grammar: Prescriptivism Must Die!
89. The Linguist Blogger: This is where I write about dialects, languages, language learning, polyglots, hyperpolyglots, philology and pedagogy
90. Freelance Chinese translator: Professional English to Chinese translation and Chinese to English translation
91. Dragon Fruit: This blog has recently been deleted by its author, and the content is therefore no longer available.
92. BLOG-EFL: Observations on the use of Web 2.0 tools for English Language Teaching & Learning
93. The Language Guy: Commentary on how language is used and abused in advertising, politics, the law, and other areas of public life.
94. English, Jack: Second thoughts on English and how she’s taught
95. The Language Chronicle: The Language Chronicle has one simple mission: To serve as the ultimate source for information on foreign languages and how to learn them.
96. Language Blog: An amateur’s efforts
to learn (1) Hindi; (2) Spanish; (3) Punjabi.
97. Mother Tongue Annoyances: Tim’s weblog on English communication
98. Becoming a Better EFL Teacher: For EFL teaching improvement to learn a foreign language to develop more productivity and skill as an Article Writer or give professional polished Speaking Presentations – You’re in the right place!
99. Ben’s Blog: A Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom
100. Thoughts On Translation: the translation industry and becoming a translator

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