Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Nominated Blogs: Language Learning

This is a list of all the blogs that have been nominated for the category Language Learning. After pre-screening, 100 of the nominated blogs were admitted to the voting phase (you will find more details on the process here). Each admitted blog has a ‘vote’ button atttached to its name. Click on vote to cast your vote for your favourite blog!

Browser other categories:  Language Teaching | Language Professionals | Language Technology

PLEASE NOTE: Each category features ALL nominated blogs. Only 100 of these blogs are admitted to the voting phase.

Nominated blogs for category Language Learning

  • A Swedish American in Swedenreturn to Sweden (Vote)
  • Abroad Languages BlogLearning languages abroad (Vote)
  • All Japanese All the TimeHow you can learn Japanese (and many more languages) without taking classes, by having fun and doing things you enjoy—watching movies, playing video games, reading comic books—you know: fun stuff! (Vote)
  • Angielski dla Zaawansowanych (English for Advanced Learners*Blog about learning and teaching English, translations and Anglo-Saxon culture.
  • Arabic BlogOur Arabic blog addresses learners of Arabic as a foreign language. It introduces some aspects of the Arabic language: grammar, vocabulary and dialects, as well as certain aspects of Arabic culture and history. Our blogger, Aziza Zaher, teaches Arabic at a university level and is also a freelance translator. (Vote)
  • BabelhutA small space devoted to language and language learning. (Vote)
  • BalashonHebrew Language Detective (Vote)
  • Mission to LearnKnow Better. Live Better. (Vote)
  • Ben’s BlogA Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom (Vote)
  • BLOGBOGSTAVEROrdkløverens blog om det danske sprog. A blog on the danish language. (Vote)
  • bradshaw of the futurea blog about linguistics, especially Indo-European historical linguistics (Vote)
  • Bringing up Baby BilingualAll about raising kids with more than one language, including profiles of bilingual families, reviews of books and other materials, suggestions for language-learning activities, and stories about teaching French to young children. (Vote)
  • bulbulovoThis blog is updated whenever its author, a Semitic philologist in making dabbling into all things linguistic, comes up with a new idea or across an interesting fact. (Vote)
  • Cactus Worldwide BlogLearn a language your way! (Vote)
  • CantophiliaDon’t just learn Cantonese. Learn to love the language (Vote)
  • China SegmentFeds’ blog about life in China, living in Shanghai
  • Chinese BlogOur Chinese blogger, Andrew Carr, official US Rowing interpreter during last year’s Beijing Olympic Games, keeps readers updated with useful words and phrases for everyday situations against the backdrop of his life in Beijing. (Vote)
  • Chinese Lessons with Serge MelnykLearn Mandarin Chinese with theme-based, progressive and easy to follow lessons (Vote)
  • Chinese QuestLearning Chinese Blog
  • Colloquial spanishSpanish idioms, sayings, phrases, slang and proverbs
  • Confessions of a Language AddictThoughts on language, language learning and the process of becoming a polyglot – from the editor of (Vote)
  • Conosci l´Italiato learn about ItALY
  • Cuaderno Interculturalblog which collects and organizes information, resources, advices, new, and everything that can be useful to intercultural teaching and foreign students (Vote)
  • David on FormosaBlog focusing the commentary to all things Taiwanese — Taipei, Taiwan (Vote)
  • DeppenleerzeichenDeppenleerzeichen | Alleinstellungsmerkmal (Vote)
  • Der Englisch BlogDer Englisch-Blog liefert jeden Tag neue Erklärungen und Übungen rund um die englische Sprache. (Vote)
  • Deutsch für DichTipps, Links und mehr zum Deutschlernen (Vote)
  • Deutsch ist KlasseLearning German for Romanians (Vote)
  • Deutsch lernenLearning German Blog
  • Deutsch lernen und studieren in DeutschlandLearning German in Germany (Vote)
  • Dick & GarlickNotes on Indian English, Hinglish, slang & pop culture (Vote)
  • die.horNachts stehe ich nicht auf, um heimlich zu trinken. (Vote)
  • Doubting to shouChinese, Linguistics, Cultural observations (Vote)
  • Dutch BlogOur Dutch Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Dutch language and culture. Our original blogger, Alie Koffeman, lives in the Netherlands and has studied short story and novel-writing. Our new blogger is Yohann Kuhn experienced writer and teacher who is currently studying for my M.A. in Dutch linguistics. (Vote)
  • Dutch’s English Language Oddity Clearing HouseThis blog investigates the phrases, idioms, slogans and sayings that may have influenced your life
  • En francais s’il vous plaitA blog from a French teacher on which his corean students can post articles in French (Vote)
  • English ExpertsBlog on studying english as a second language online for Portuguese speakers. (Vote)
  • Esperanto BlogOur Esperanto Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Esperanto language. Our blogger, Alex Joy, speaks and studies Esperanto and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with our readers. (Vote)
  • Fluent in 3 monthsLanguage learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot, who speaks 7 languages, and his story as he travels the world to learn new ones! (Vote)
  • Fool’s Flashcard ReviewFlashcard Software Reviews for Language Learners (Vote)
  • Foreign Language StudiesArticles of this language learner in several languages including French
  • ForeignLanguageBlog.comHow to learn foreign languages: advice from the Foreign Language Doctor (Vote)
  • Freestyle Languagelearning languages both on the web and off, as well as cool language-related things (Vote)
  • French BlogOur French Blog is a series of frequently published articles about French language and culture. Our blogger Chanda Danley is a freelance translator and a certified EFL/ESOL teacher. (Vote)
  • German BlogOur German Blog is a series of frequently published articles about German language and culture. Our original blogger, Nathalie La Vache, is a multilingual teacher who lived in Germany for several years. Our new blogger is Yohann Kuhn, experienced writer and teacher, as well as German native. (Vote)
  • HanashidakeItalian girl studying Japanese (Vote)
  • Hanzi SmatterThis blog is dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture. (Vote)
  • Hindi BlogOur Hindi Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Hindi language and culture. Our blogger, Kunthra Kim, translates for, an online Indian news outlet for Indian-American readers, and also writes for (Vote)
  • I kinda like languages blogI Kinda Like Languages
  • IES la orden bilingue francais-espagnolBilingual blog created by spanish pupils studying French
  • Il due blogItalian for foreigners (Vote)
  • ILGUR: Italian Language, Grammar and Usage ResourceWelcome to ILGUR: A “blog” dedicated to studying, learning and improving Italian. Look for regular posts on grammar tips, expanding your vocabulary and usage. (Vote)
  • Irish BlogOur Irish Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Irish language and culture. Our blogger, Roslyn Bhloinn is an experienced writer, teacher and a published author. (Vote)
  • Italian BlogOur Italian Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Italian language and culture. Our blogger Maria Serena Cricorian, lives in Italy and is a published author and teacher. (Vote)
  • Italiano in retetest and training to learn Italian
  • Italiano per tuttiExercises and trainings to learn Italian (Vote)
  • Italy From The InsideA Scoop of Real Italian Life for Travelers & Friends (Vote)
  • Jabal al-LughatClimbing the Mountain of Languages (Vote)
  • Japanese BlogOur Japanese Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Japanese language and culture. Our blogger, Ginny Kim, has worked as an online language tutor for 5 years, and is TESOL certified. (Vote)
  • JAPANITE Learn Real JapaneseTake your Japanese to a higher level.
  • Joanne JacobsJoanne Jacobs presents her views on current educational topics and themes. (Vote)
  • Join MartinJournalist, Martin Drury, has just 1 year to learn as many languages as possible. This blog covers what he does and how he does it. (Vote)
  • Keith’s Voice on Extreme Language LearningLearning Japanese Blog (Vote)
  • KopulaA language nerd’s confessions (Vote)
  • Korean BlogOur Korean Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Korean language and culture. Our blogger, Ginny Kim, has taught basic, intermediate, and advanced Korean, and currently works as an online language tutor. (Vote)
  • Langauge LogGeneral language blog covering a range of topics and aspects of language studies. (Vote)
  • Language GeekTips and tricks on learning languages and language education. Reviews and views on helpful websites as well as articles on tudy techniques.
  • Language is the People’sEnglish language blog (Vote)
  • LanguagehatGeneral language blog covering academic language realted issues. Among other things discussing recent developments in the field of language studies. (Vote)
  • Laowai ChineseTips and Strategies for Learning to Speak Chinese (Vote)
  • larryferlazzo…For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL (Vote)
  • Learn a languagegenerally about learning languages (Vote)
  • learn Italian languageLearning Italian Blog (Vote)
  • Learn Thai from a White GuyLearn Thai From a White Guy
  • Learn Thai Language BlogHints and Tips to Improve your Thai Language Learning! (Vote)
  • Learn that Language NowArticles concerning language learning (Vote)
  • Learning Diaryfollowing a student in learning
  • Learning the LanguageBlog on difficult policy questions, explore learning innovations, and share stories about different cultural groups. (Vote)
  • LearnItalianPodLearn italian with free podcasts (Vote)
  • Lingua ItalianaFor Spanish speaking students to learn about Italian language and culture
  • Lost in Japaneselearning the Japanese language
  • Mandarin StudentEnglish person attempting to learn Mandarin from the Internet. Resources and advice to help other budding Mandarin students in a similar position. (Vote)
  • matjjin-nehenlanguage and linguist blog (Vote)
  • my korean learning journeyDocumenting my korean learning journey, sharing the passion to learn.
  • My Language Learning BlogA Hungarian student´s diary about her experience of learning languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Slovak, Czech, Portuguese, German and more to follow in the future! Writing in English and posting in other studied languages, too, with audio clips. Also a bookworm and lover of nice music, besides language- and exam-related musings you can find here book reviews and translated lyrics as well.
  • My LanguagesResources, Research, News and Views about Language-teaching in the UK (Vote)
  • My LinguisticsBlogging my experiences in learning Korean.
  • NameDescription
  • Nihongo NotesLessons and Advice to Help You Learn Japanese …and a little bit about life in Japan (Vote)
  • Norwegian BlogOur Norwegian Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Norwegian language and culture. The Norwegian blog is written by Kari Bergeson, a St. Olaf college alum who has taught Norwegian to both children and adults. Kari wants to share the history of Norway, and its culture – both traditional and modern – with our blog readers. (Vote)
  • On Learning Brazilian PortugueseTips & Web Resources from an American student.
  • On Words and Upwards!Your Hapax legomenon is showing…
  • OwshawngChinese language and food
  • Polish BlogOur Polish Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Polish language and culture. Our multilingual blogger Anna Etmanska, a Polish native, makes this blog very educational but also very exciting. (Vote)
  • Polyglot VegetarianGrazing through the world of words (Vote)
  • Portuguese BlogPortuguese Learning Blog (Vote)
  • Pukka GermanLearn German Podcasts (Vote)
  • Quixotic QuislingIt’s about language, music, art, business and other stuff I care about. Minus what I had for lunch. (Vote)
  • Russian BlogOur Russian Blog is a series of frequently published articles about the Russian language and Russian Culture. Our blogger is Josefina Lundblad, a talented and prolific Swedish-born writer who has been living in Russia for several years. (Vote)
  • SCC EnglishThe English Department of St Columba’s College, Whitechurch, Dublin 16, Ireland. News, poems, drama, reviews by pupils of school events, essays, podcasts, book recommendations … and more (Vote)
  • Schrift&RedeHerausgegeben von der Forschungsgruppe Deutsche Sprache (Vote)
  • Spanish blogOur Spanish blog brings the latest information about Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America. It covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and culture. Our blogger Adir Ferreira has extensive teaching practice and that contributes immensely to the blog’s success. (Vote)
  • Spanish OnlyThe blog about learning Spanish, to fluency, on your own and without ever visiting a classroom. (Vote)
  • SprachbloggeurDer Sprachbloggeur
  • suite101The genuine article. Literally.
  • Swedish BlogOur Swedish Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Swedish language and culture. Our multilingual blogger Anna Etmanska, who lived in Sweden for several years, makes this blog very educational but also very exciting. (Vote)
  • Swedish, basicallyLearning Swedish Blog (Vote)
  • Tenser, said the TensorTenser, said the Tensor is the blog of a graduate student in linguistics. It’s about language, science fiction, computers and technology, comics, anime, and other geekery. (Vote)
  • Thai 101Thoughts on Thai language, media, and culture. (Vote)
  • the boundaries of languageEnglish Language Blog (Vote)
  • The Cunning LinguistEffective language study (Vote)
  • The English BlogBlog covering both old and new Internet resources for learners and teachers of English. Not only reviews and presentations, but also advice on how to get the most out of it. (Vote)
  • The Language ChronicleThe Language Chronicle has one simple mission: To serve as the ultimate source for information on foreign languages and how to learn them. (Vote)
  • The Linguist on LanguageLanguage blog for people who love languages or would, but were discouraged. (Vote)
  • The Smiling EggplantAll about Italy (Vote)
  • The Word NerdsPodcast about language (Vote)
  • TjyvlyssnatThis blog is packed with eavesdropped conversations in Swedish. Unfortunatley it is only in Swedish. (Vote)
  • tłumaczenia i błędy – językowoBlog about translations and language correctness. (Blog o tłumaczeniach i poprawności językowej.)
  • TofuguA wonky Japanese language and culture blog (Vote)
  • Tower of ConfusionBlog with general thoughts on interesting language topics with other language learners. Another theme of this blog is multiculturalism (Vote)
  • Una japonesa en JapónConstruyendo un puente hacia el futuro, entre los países de Habla Hispana y Japón (Vote)
  • Voices en EspañolA bilingual blog (Vote)
  • Foreign Language FunA true language lover’s blog (Vote)
  • WishydigEnglish language blog (Vote)
  • Women Learning ThaiExpat making her way through Thai language and culture (Vote)
  • Бамбук до небесAbout Chinese language, and ist insights.
  • Врачом в ИспаниюSpanish language and possibilities of medical career in Spain
  • Всё обо всёмThe source is dedicated to the learning process of English language
  • Моссаж мозгаAbout the better techniques connected to the learing process
  • Необходимость изучения английского языкаAbout the actual problems and situations connected to the study process of the english language.
  • ฝรั่งงงThis is a public space for me to organize, track, and encourage my independent study of Thai as a foreign language. Beyond that, it’s an outlet for my general interest in languages and linguistics.
  • イギリスで暮らそうっと!Japanse who works in UK tells her everyday life. (Vote)
  • それでも、私は日本を愛している!!Japanese now living in Thailand with her Thai hasband. This is about her life and travelling.
  • 英文ライティング講座This is a blog provided by アイモ君 and i-osmosis for English learners. It brings you news and useful information for leaning English (Vote)
  • To vote for one of these blogs find the Language Learning voting page. If your blog is amongst the 100 selected blogs, you can get you voting button here.

    Remember to check back on July 30 to find out who the winners are!

    If you have further questions or would like to contact us for feedback email marc[at]

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    2. Hey guys! Thanks again for the huge amount of work you’ve put into this 🙂 The next weeks of blogging should be interesting
      “Each admitted blog has a ‘vote’ button atttached to its name”. Actually several links above (including mine) don’t have this option. I can vote on through the voting page, but there’s no “vote” option on this page. Perhaps you are in the process of adding it? 🙂

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    4. Hi. I have the same issue as Benny the Irish polyglot.

      I also don’t have a (Vote) button after my site. And I also checked the voting page, it also doesn’t include my site. And some other sites as well.

      I hope you can work on this. Thanks.

    5. Hi,

      How does one go about getting their blog listed in the competition? Is it too late?

      My site’s still very new, but I’d be amped to get in it.

    6. Hi Rob,

      unfortunately nominations are closed since July 6. We will include you next year for sure.

      for the Lexiophiles team

    7. Haha, two days!!! Okay, thanks anyways. But if there is any way, I will always be interested!


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    9. @Andreas Your response comment isn’t at all related to the error that owbEe and I pointed out… I have no idea what you’re talking about to be honest 😛
      @Marc Thanks for fixing it 🙂 Now another issue! (Since you asked). I just tried to vote in a different category and when I tried to refresh the language learning category to see the results (not to vote again of course), in both cases the chart is no longer being shown. It just confirms that I’ve voted. Is this normal? I’m curious to see how the chart changes over time and I currently can’t see any chart. Is anyone else seeing this or is it just an issue for me?

    10. Hi! So great that voting started. Unfortunately, I cannot find the “Vote” link at the description of my blog. Could you please add it? Thanks

    11. @Benny
      As you probably read in the How and Why article, we decided not to show the results of the voting this year. This is supposed to prevent cheating in combination with a vote logger. I know that the results were visible for a short while when we launched the voting – I am sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.
      Feel free to email me if you need further assistance. Until then, good luck for the competition.


    12. Thanks Marc!! 🙂 I had read the How and Why first (and just re-read it), but didn’t see where you said that you weren’t showing the results. I was confused since I had seen the chart at first as you mentioned, but anyway, I think it’s a really good idea- it will just be even more interesting not knowing who is leading until the end 🙂
      I’ve seen other competitions like this were there is already a clear winner half way through and most people would stop competing because of it. This new way is much more fun 😀
      Thanks – I’ll try to ease off on all these comments now and maybe focus on writing blog posts!! 😉

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    14. Hello,

      There are about a dozen blogs that don’t have a vote button next to the name…

      Italiano in rete; Japanite; China Quest; China segment; Colloquial spanish etc..etc.

      Thought you should know.

    15. It’s a pity that the updated results are not being shown as it is a part of the fun of being in a contest.
      Btw – it does bring people back to your site to peek. Often.
      See? I’m one of those peekers 😉

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    18. How are these lists created? Language is the People’s is/was a wonderful blog but has been on hiatus for nearly eight months …

      1. @ramona
        Last year’s blogs were automatically nominated. We received other nominations and screened the blogs after our Lexiophiles criteria. More information can be found in the how and why article.

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      1. @Pedro
        This blog has not been nominated for the competition. I would appreciate it, if you would nominate it for next year’s competition. Best regards, Marc

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    27. Thanks for instigating this voting page. I am very glad that one of my Favorite blog in Languages which is “Abroad Languages Blog” is nominated in this page 🙂 I am sure that this page will encourage more languages bloggers to spread more news, events and other updates.

      Thanks Marc for posting 🙂 keep up the good work

    28. – my bad as I should have submitted AJ’s site but it slipped my mind (site? blog?). If you check in his comments you’ll see hundreds of enthusiastic members showing support for his method.

      I too would like to thank Marc and his team for putting this together. It is a hearty undertaking, taking goodness knows how much time to pull off (Marc responded to me via email twice, and looking at that list humongous list, there is the potential of a lot of emails)

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    30. Thanks Marc for the reply and for the long list of excellent language learning sites…


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    34. This is a great list for language learning blogs! I’ve been working on a blog for Russian language learners, as there is really a need for a new resource in the learn Russian arena. I made a video series for learning words and phrases, as well as reading Russian, and am updating constantly. Please consider my blog for next year’s list.. Sorry I missed it this time around! Maybe next time. Anyway, great post! It must have taken a lot of effort.

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    36. Thanks for the great list. I came across the following site which serves the same purpose of teaching different languages spoken around the globe. They deal with reviews and recommendations of top language schools worldwide. They compare language courses and immersion programs to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian. Check them at
      Thanks for sharing such an amazing list.

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    39. Thanks for the great information. Learning a foreign language goes beyond grammar and vocabulary, it enables us to interact with different cultures. Speaking another language opens doors to different possibilities as well as new business and employment opportunities.

    40. very fantastic and amazing article of yours. thank you for making this site 🙂 its a great help especially for those who wants to learn different languages 🙂

    41. fantastic site !!! great help to those who wants to learn different kinds of languages 🙂 great !!!!

    42. Hey there! great site and lots of help for people who want to learn languages! I would be very glad to contribute a little bit. This might be very interesting for people who are eager to learn Swedish language. I find it fresh and creative, – new approach for learning languages, (Scandinavian at least.) You are very welcome to visit or check out this guy’s youtube channel SpeakSwedishStupid! Have fun learning and be inspired!

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