Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Nominated Blogs: Language Teaching

This is a list of all the blogs that have been nominated for the category Language Teaching. After pre-screening, 100 of the nominated blogs were admitted to the voting phase (you will find more details on the process here). Each admitted blog has a ‘vote’ button atttached to its name. Click on vote to cast your vote for your favourite blog!

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PLEASE NOTE: Each category features ALL nominated blogs. Only 100 of these blogs are admitted to the voting phase.

Nominated blogs for category Language Teaching

  • 16. ТаджикистанAbout the problems connected to teaching of Russian language in one of Post-Soviet Republics – Tajikistan
  • A Linguist Goes to Law SchoolLinguistics and language (Vote)
  • Accademia Del GiglioItalian language courses and Art school in Florence (Vote)
  • Acide FleBlog d’un prof de Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) proposant ses idées de cours ainsi que ses réflexions sur le métier de prof. (Vote)
  • Alex ErmakovAbout the special learning techniques aimed at language learning (Vote)
  • alice’s posterousYou will find my attempt to use web 2.0 tools in my teaching and to enthuse my students, recipes, singing news, film reviews, unusual stuff, stuff I’ve discovered thanks to my amazing PLN. (Vote)
  • Angela MaiersPutting Learners and Learning First (Vote)
  • Apprendre lánglais en s’amusantA blog for french people who want to learn English (Vote)
  • Aprender InglêsDiverse ways of learning English online.
  • Becoming a Better EFL TeacherFor EFL teaching improvement to learn a foreign language to develop more productivity and skill as an Article Writer or give professional polished Speaking Presentations – You’re in the right place! (Vote)
  • Behind the CurtainThai, Lao, Cambodian, Mon, Burmese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Jawa, Bali, Sunda, Melayu, Tagalog and other languages from the Philippines, Gu Wen (古文), Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Hokien, Naxi and other Chinese dialects / regional languages, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Pali and other Indic Languages, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Signed English, Auslan and other Sign Languages, NLP, ESP or Esperanto … This Blog should have something for you (Vote)
  • Better at EnglishReal englsih for real people (Vote)
  • blog de prof – La dernière année d’une prof de francaisThe last year of a French teacher – stories and tips (Vote)
  • Blog didatticiInformation and links about educational blogs (Vote)
  • Bremer SprachblogInstitut für allgemeine und angewandte Sprachwissenschaft (Vote)
  • Business English BlogBlog on use of English in business (Vote)
  • Ceely’s Modern UsageA guide to words and practices that are spurious, monstrous, and unfit for usage. (Vote)
  • Centro Promozione Italiana LtdPromoting Italian Language and Culture in Scotland and Northern Ireland (Vote)
  • CHIODO SC(HI)ACCIA CHIODOFor students learning Italian (Vote)
  • Confessions of a Comunity College DeanEducation and teaching blog (Vote)
  • DaF-BlogÜber das Deutschlernen und -lehren mit und ohne Internet. (Vote)
  • DAILYFRENCHPODLearn French Podcasts. A blog and pocast to help advance in the French language. (Vote)
  • diario de una profesora de lengua castellanadiary of a spanish teacher (Vote)
  • DindirindinaSpanish woman teaching Italian (Vote)
  • E|FL 2.0Blog with information about learning English as a foreign language in today’s online 2.0 environment. Includes tools, reviews and articles. (Vote)
  • EFL GeekBlog on English as a foreign language. Discusses what tools there are and how to use them. (Vote)
  • el blog de don abelteaching spanish, curiosities, correcting spanish texts, discussing about the correct use of spanish (Vote)
  • el blog para aprender inglésenglish teacher shares her knowledge, lots of resources, everyday a new “lesson” (Vote)
  • e-Learning GoddesBlog about e-learning (Vote)
  • EnglishIn this blog the students of my English courses will find information, sites and texts which can enrich my English classes.
  • English (ESL) Weblogblog for the website (Vote)
  • English AdvantageEnglish Advantage Blog provides interesting and up-to-date information for international students who want to study in the US and for learners of English as a foreign language (Vote)
  • English as a Second Language and Teacher TrainingESL and education blog
  • English CaffeEnglish learner willing to share his knowledge through tips and lessons for other english learners. (Vote)
  • English ExpertsMany tips and lessons to learn English and exchange ideas and knowledge about this language. (Vote)
  • English for AllBlog for the English learners, teachers and enthusiasts about learning languages. (Vote)
  • English SparkPutting a spark in the English learning community with tools to learn, share, collaborate and connect. (Vote)
  • English, ESL — and more!A great resource for all students and teachers… (Vote)
  • Epea Pteroentalanguage, linguistics, literature, and film (Vote)
  • eres lo que escribes, eres como escribeswriting in spanish, articles about correct spanish (for native ppl) (Vote)
  • ESL etc.Global Issues and Activism in English Language Teaching (Vote)
  • ESL Lesson PlanESL Lesson Plans, Teaching Locales, Tips, Tricks & Budgeting Advice for Novice & Veteran ESL Instructors (Vote)
  • ESL podPodcast for learners of English. Helps advance learners of English. (Vote)
  • Espacio IntimoBlog people questiong and answering about Spanish, sharing resources about spanish listening, reading, speaking, posting spanish news, and having meeting with members regularly
  • estudia inglesenglish resources, english learning (Vote)
  • Experimentando con ELEBlog de una profe/traductora de español lengua extranjera (ELE) que se adentró en el mundo del Podcasting y las TIC. (Vote)
  • Free LanguageLessons, Podcasts, Study Guides, and more (Vote)
  • Fun English LessonsESL Podcasts, Learn English for free! Blog and podcast for learners of English.
  • GA blogteaching german, german grammar
  • GlottrotterBlog for teachers: thoughts about the teaching of the Italian language to foreign people (Vote)
  • Grammar GirlBlog with quick and dirty tips for better writing. (Vote)
  • How to Learn EnglishHow to Learn English – tips, tricks and strategies to help adult language learners learn English more effectively. Idioms, common errors, pronunciation, grammar, videos and popular quotes from Business leaders.
  • HS Language ServicesNews and developments from HSLS and the world of language teaching
  • if bees are fewreveries on teaching, learning, and living (Vote)
  • Il Due linkTeaching Italian to foreigners
  • In ItaliaFor people moving or wishing to move to Italy
  • IncrociTo share knowledge with other teachers (Vote)
  • Inglês é CulturaEnglish tips and explanations
  • Inglês na Ponta da LínguaEnglish teacher sharing his knowledge with English learners (Vote)
  • Inglês OnlineDicas, lições e guia de sites para quem aprende ou ensina inglês (Vote)
  • Inglês Pra Quê?An English learner shares his knowledge and gives tips to help other enthusiasts. (Vote)
  • ingles totalenglish resources, english learning, english course (Vote)
  • Insegnare italiano a stranieri. Offerte di lavoro.Work and learning opportunities to learn English (Vote)
  • Insights Into TEFLA specially selected collection of good ideas and explanations about Teaching English as a Foreign Language from experts around the world. (Vote)
  • INTERCULTURAForum for teachers
  • Italianofor students learning Italian from the escuela oficial de idiomas di ciudad real (Vote)
  • John Wells’s phonetic blogEverything to do with phonetics. (Vote)
  • Kalinago EnglishTeaching EFL Teachers How To Teach Speaking (Vote)
  • La nuova pagina dell’italianoTeacher learning Italian at EOI (Vote)
  • Learn ItalianFor students learning Italian (Vote)
  • Learn Languages NowBlog providing you with all the resources, articles and reviews you need to learn a new language. (Vote)
  • Learn Polish with Sam and Bilus’Blog on learning polish (Vote)
  • Learn TurkishTeach yourself Turkish (Vote)
  • Learning English – Guide to Free Online ResourcesA guide and portal to some of the best high-quality websites to study English
  • Learning Spanish BlogThere are reviews of Spanish learning products but this isn’t a review site. This is about the journey of learning the Spanish language. (Vote)
  • LearnletsClark Quinn’s learnings about learning (Vote)
  • Lecciones de portugués 3.0Portuguese Language Blog (Vote)
  • LETUTORLETUTOR’s guide to languages (Vote)
  • Lezione ZeroFor students learning Italian (Vote)
  • Lingua ItalianaFor Spanish speaking students to learn about Italian language and culture
  • lingua italiana L/2 e interculturaTeaching Italian to foreigners
  • LinguismLanguage in a word (Vote)
  • Listen to EnglishPodcast and blog for learners of English. Topics include current events, items of interest and cultural quirks. (Vote)
  • London LanguageA language blog run by staff and students of English Language at Middlesex University in London (Vote)
  • MagnablogItalian departmento of EOI Gandia (Vote)
  • MappiBlog of an Italian teacher for Foreigners (Vote)
  • metrolinguaI speak Japanese pretty well and am a native English speaker. I love to translate various languages, and teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults, which is really enjoyable. (Vote)
  • Miss ShonahLearn English Online with Miss Shonah
  • ModersmålskredsenNyt om dansk-nordisk sprog og sprogrøgt. News related to Danish and Norse languages and use thereof. (Vote)
  • Mr. VerbDealing with language evolution. This blog looks deeper at what direction our language is taking us and how we use it. (Vote)
  • NameDescription (Vote)
  • Neat New Stufffree sites of substantial reference value, authoritative, browsable, searchable, and packed with information, whether educational or aimed at answering everday questions (Vote)
  • no titleteaching english, english lessons, resources, travel (Vote)
  • NonsololinguaFor students learning Italian (Vote)
  • Oblo’ (g)Teaching Italian to foreigners (Vote)
  • Pensamientos“If you talk in his language, that goes to the heart.” Nelson Mandela (Vote)
  • profdefrancais8Learn French with games, fun activities, litterature…
  • Ryan’s linguistics blogTopics can range from phonetics to syntax to aspects of specific languages (Vote)
  • Slang o’ the DaySlang o’ the day presents and discusses a new slag expression each day, to make sure we keep up with what those damn kids are saying. (Vote)
  • metoda CallanaBlog about English grammar and vocabulary plus a good deal of humour. (Vote)
  • Straniero ma veroEducational blog to interculturalism (Vote)
  • Teacher Boot CampIdeas & challenges for teaching ELLs
  • Teacher Dude’s Grill and BBQRandom thoughts on teaching EFL/ESL and living in Greece. (Vote)
  • TEACHERBLOGUseful tools to teach and learn Italian
  • Teaching in SecondLifeReflections of a language teacher (Vote)
  • Tecla SAPBlog created to help English learners with their studies focused on common difficulties that Portuguese speakers have when learning English. (Vote)
  • TEFLtasticNews, views and reviews (Vote)
  • The Butterfly EffectCreating shiny girls . . . (Vote)
  • The English You Need BlogThe English You Need Blog provides free English grammar and vocabulary, exercises, learning tips, a variety of reading material, links and resources for EFL students. (Vote)
  • The FCE BlogAn afterclass meeting point for all First Certificate in English Students (Vote)
  • The Hesitant ScribeProcrastinations, musings, digressions, and a little bit on writing. Or the miserable little life of a PhD student and would be novelist (Vote)
  • The Language GroupBlog in which diverse language lovers and share information about several languages and themselves, communicate and make friends abroad, connected to several other links (Vote)
  • Think and Dream in EnglishTeaching, learning, reading, writing, culture, literature, classroom management, new technologies, health… anything related to education. Think and Dream in English (plus some Spanish and Catalan). (Vote)
  • todo ele 2.0spanish as a second language, resources, lessons (Vote)
  • Una finestra sull’ItaliaFor students learning Italian
  • Używam niemieckiego – a ty? (I use German, what about you?)German experiences, inspirations and practice – writing, reading, communication.(Niemiecki w praktyce. Pisanie, czytanie, komunikacja. Moje “niemieckie” doświadczenia i inspiracje.) (Vote)
  • vortaro-blogoDiscussion of questions arising during the revision of the author’s Concise Esperanto and English Dictionary. (Vote)
  • Walter Estella – Simultaneous TranslationSome tips on translation and interpretation as well as English pronunciation and grammar. (Vote)
  • World Wide WordsInternational English from a British viewpoint (Vote)
  • ἩλληνιστεύκοντοςI speak Japanese pretty well and am a native English speaker. I love to translate various languages, and teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults, which is really enjoyable. (Vote)
  • Английский для детейThe author talks about the old TV show oriented at teaching process
  • ゆみさーのカナダ日記Japanse who is living in Canada learns English and teaches Japanese
  • 영어발전소Blog in which many enthusiastic English learners can share information/ People offer their living region and can gather to study English together through this blog
  • 워드샤워offers list of korean – English vocabulary lists and tips to memorize all the words (Vote)
  • 일본가는기차Blog offering data on Japanese-related exams, study abroad in Japan and free Japanese course (Vote)
  • To vote for one of the 100 admitted blogs visit the Language Teaching voting page. If your blog is amongst the 100 selected blogs, you can get you voting button here.

    Remember to check back on July 30 to find out who the winners are!

    If you have further questions or would like to contact us for feedback email marc[at]

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