Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Voting: Language Professionals

Unfortunately the voting phase has already ended. But you’re not too late to check out who won the competition. You might as well check out the list of nominated blogs. Also don’t miss out on the Top 10 in Language Professionals!

If you have further questions or would like to contact us for feedback email marc[at]

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83 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Voting: Language Professionals”

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  6. Celine Graciet’s style and command of the idiom in both languages makes this an [and probably ‘the’] essential blog. Awesome; her English is better than mine…

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  8. I love this site, she is so into the word origins/translation between French and English that it is totally awesome!

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  10. Dear editor,
    Good morning.
    I have been enriching my English vocabulary thanks to Dr. Goodword’s word of the day.
    Besides the pronunciation and the part of speech of the word, Dr. Goodword – this is the way I usually call him – take us to a great adventure by digging carefully into its meaning, histroy, etc, without boring us with technical terms. But the best of all is the funny way in which he explains everything to us. He also thanks the contributor for the word by linking his gratitude to the word of day. Isn’t that sweet?
    So, I strongly believe that even a firstgrader would enjoy the Goodword website.
    By the way, have you ever seen the word TARP? I had never imagined what this acronym would mean. I have just received this word and learned about it and other acronyms, as well.
    On his website, you can consult a lot of words. Or you can have fun with excellent articles, such as ” Do I Have to Pay Syntax?” at
    So, what are you waiting for? Just take a look at the Goodword of the day at and subscribe to receive it free of charge.
    God bless you all.
    May you have a wonderful day.
    Brasilia, Brazil

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  12. Awesome, Billy in Brasilia, Brazil! Dr. Goodword is my MOST favorite website! English is my first language and Dr. Goodword still surprises me regularly with words I’ve never seen. I’ve been lucky to have been thanked by the Good Doctor twice, too. It’s a rush to see your name at the bottom of the explanation. I’m delighted that the Doctor has been nominated because his site deserves to win. Good Luck Dear Doctor!

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  14. Dr. Goodword’s Word of the Day is a wonderful blog in English, which enhances the English vocabulary of me, and probably of many others. He not only defines and demonstrates the usage of words of different frequency of use, but also attempts to trace its derivation, back to Proto Indo-European, the base language of the Indo-European family, of which English is a member.

  15. These sites are wonderful. I only wish there was one for Ellenika (Greek), and Norse. I have rudimentary knowledge of each and would like to learn more.

  16. Well, Bill from Brasilia kind of said what I wanted to say about Dr. Goodword. He is also a real person: Robert Beard. He is on LinkedIn and is easily accessible.
    How to survive a stay in the hospital? Take along ‘The 100 Funniest Words in English’ with me. Most of these words I had already encountered on his blog. Reading Dr. Goodword’s descriptions makes you want to read them again. It’s learning by laughing! Doctors told me laughing patients cure fast.
    Now look at Billy’s post again and sign up. You’ll be hooked!

  17. Dear Bloggers,

    today is the last day of the voting and we are heading towards the most exciting part of the competition. You have until 11.59pm tonight to vote for your favorite blog. As you all know the results will be published July 30th.

    Kind regards,
    Marc (marc[at]
    on behalf of the and Lexiophiles team

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