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UPDATE: Voting is now closed. The results (and winners!) will be published on Friday (May 28). Check back then!

Here are all the Language Professionals blogs that have made it to the voting phase (read more about how the competition works).

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28 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Blogs 2010 – Vote for Language Professionals”

  1. The Engine Room is both informative and entertaining with an excellent range of posters adding positively to the content.

  2. Is it possible to get included in the list of Medical Translation Blog?
    Thank you very much! Best regards!

  3. Find it very useful to attract professionals to share expiernce with the community of language users and fans.

  4. I love the fact that quality blogs like “Three Percent” seem to be in the running for some of the top spots on the list, but I’m confused how a blog like “Translation Guy” is so far in the lead. Something seems astray. I recently checked that blog and it’s parent company’s website, and there isn’t even a link to this contest. Can anyone say voting bot?

  5. Hi Mike,

    I am a huge fan of translationguy and I can see how his blog is in the lead. Firstly, has has a post about the contest here:

    Secondly, I know that Ken has a HUGE database of followers (10,000 subscribers strong) and I’m sure he has leveraged that.

    Thirdly, he leverages social media marketing the most effectively of this lot. Have you seen who these guys are following on Twitter? Pure trash and bots. Some lessons to be learned here about quality over quantity.

  6. You’ve never heard of TranslationGuy before!??! Not surprised at all, awesome stuff and good engagement on that site. I’ve been following this contest for a week now (just cast my vote for TranslationGuy) and must say that I’m surprised at how quickly Three Percent has caught up from such a deficit…seems fishy that Three Percent has aquired so many votes in the last few days, thoughts?

    Thanks – Juan from Brazil

  7. Translation Guy is a fairly new blog that has garnered a rather large following in quite a short time. I suspect that Ken has hired some top-notch marketers (and probably spent a small fortune) to get where he is today, but that’s his prorogative. Many of the industry leaders follow and post on his blog, and I love it. Mike, your comment is unsubstansiated and quite offensive to all of us lovers here for the Translation Guy.

  8. Yep, I’ve never heard of the ‘Translation Guy’ blog until this contest, but I must say, it’s good stuff – light, put focused – two thumbs up!

  9. Hi SociallyInfused,

    You’re correct on all 3 points. TranslationGuy does have a post about the contest nomination from almost 7 days after it started. He probably does have close to 10,000 subscribers. And you probably know about these subscribers because you may very well run his social media campaigns (ie., @VinceBucciachio, @SociallyInfused). I’m not joking when I say you’ve done a really good job so far. You’ll probably get 1st place.

    Maybe next year, though, some of the smaller blogs on this list with really great content about language (and fewer financial resources for marketing) can have some kind of handicap going into the contest. Can anyone say campaign finance reform?

  10. I agree with Mike.

    The quality of this contest and language bloggers’ desire to participate in it begins to wane unless the folks at lexiophiles and (brilliant marketers in their own right) include in the ranking whether the site in question is an authentic member of an online community.

    Good marketing is about building relationships, not “leveraging resources.”

  11. @Mike – Thanks for your compliment and your thoughts. As per your comment on finance reform; a larger budget will help any companies’ marketing effectiveness, but how do you propose we cap the effective use of social media? Also, I’m sure some of these blogs are putting in significant time, resources and money to their marketing strategy; whether it be PPC, Adwords, social media, Twitter, Facebook marketing, banner ads, etc.

    Just look at Trusted Translations Twitter account for instance. Over 6,000 followers strong and regular tweeting – someone is being paid at that company to do this…no fair!

    What about Three Percent? It’s “…part of the University of Rochester’s translation program and Open Letter, the university’s translation press, Three Percent is a place for students to present their translations and reviews, as well as a place to cultivate the next generation of literary enthusiasts.” – no doubt the program has some funding or fundraising, no fair!

    Of course it is fair! For this contest, contestants are measured on a variety of criteria – 50% of which is popularity – FANS vote for their favorite blog in each of the categories. The contest rewards contestants for their content reach and for their ability to leveraging their following most effectively. The user votes count for 50% towards the final result and is a key piece of the result. Blogs with large followings benefit in this contest – this is by design.

    @Manuel – Yes, good marketing is about building relationships, not “leveraging resources.” – that’s what social media is all about…no one would take the time to vote for any of these blogs unless they are emotionally connected and very passionate about the writers. It’s all about building relationships with readers through a variety of sources, you get it 🙂

  12. SociallyInfused,

    No problem on the compliment. It’s been said that a generous spirit yields a generous life span, and I could probably keep this thread going as long as I live.

    Too bad the voting ended just as these comments got entertaining. Perhaps, we will meet again next year 😉

  13. Thank you all for the votes and comments!
    Results are going to be published on the 28th
    Good luck to all

  14. I haven’t heard about “translation guy” earlier, but after reading the blog, I became a fan of it, will surely going to follow them and thanks to you by providing this wonderful information

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