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UPDATE: Voting is now closed. The results (and winners!) will be published on Friday (May 28). Check back then!

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91 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Blogs 2010 – Vote for Language Teaching”

  1. Eu adoro o site English Experts, ele me ajuda muito com o meu aprendizado na lingua inglesa, mas o que eu amo muito é minha linha materna, nossa querida lingua portuguesa, ricas em detalhes e harmonia, por isso escrevi esse comentario em portugues.


  2. Yo he votado por Russificate porque es un blog que, además de estar hecho con mucha dedicación, ofrece ejercicios realmente útiles y además interesantes. Con él se pueden trabajar todas las destrezas de la lengua, y está muy equilibrado pues se puede trabajar la gramática, la fonética, las expresiones coloquiales, el vocabulario, la cultura del país… y todo ello con materiales muy amenos y originales.
    Además el blog se actualiza con mucha regularidad por lo que me es de mucha ayuda. Saludos 🙂

  3. BabaZen, why doesn’t English Experts look like a blog to you?
    – constant updates – it is usually updated at least three times a week,
    – more than a mere diary – yes, it is much more than a diary. It provides information, curiosities about the language, opinions, exchange of knowledge; it motivates the readers, often uses the reader’s suggestions to improve the content of the blog, it encourages creativity, etc…
    – “a private enterprise, mostly done out of love more than anything else” – I’ve read some of the blog’s owner’s posts and I do believe there is a lot of love there,
    – appreciative comments from their readers – just search “thanks” or “muito obrigado” (Portuguese for “thank you very much”) in the search box there.

    Sometimes I also forget English Experts is a blog. And the reason is its excellent layout that differentiates it from the other (also very good) Brazilian blogs aimed at Brazilian students of English.

    Best regards.

  4. El blog de don abel es excelente, conserva la tradición ,e l humero, los relatos y el buen español.

  5. Thank you, Shelia, for your kind words and endorsement of Teaching Village. This competition has been an amazing experience for me, on many levels, regardless of the final outcome.

    First, many of my guest authors (who are the best part of the blog) are also nominated here for their own fabulous blogs–so it’s really a win-win all around from my point of view.

    Second, I’ve been humbled by the endorsements I’ve seen from other teachers on Facebook and Twitter. I hadn’t realized that Teaching Village had that sort of support, or that I had such great friends.

    And finally, I’ve discovered a lot of great new blogs to follow because of this competition. Thank you, Priscilla and crew for doing this. This is my first time to be part of this event (I’ve only been blogging for about a year) but I’ll certainly pay attention from now on.

    P.S. I’m always looking for teachers to share their stories about teaching EFL around the world. If you’d like to add your voice to Teaching Village, please contact me through the blog. Thanks!

  6. Eu voto English Experts, sempre uma dica nova, um conselho valioso. A empolgação é realmente contagiante e que renova sempre a vontade de não desistir, mesmo quando acho que não vou aprender nunca. Pessoas do bem se encontram lá.

  7. I love English and I’m in this blog everyday. I belive that English Experts is the best one. I give some classes
    to a girl daily, by this blog.

  8. For me there’s no two ways about it: a clil to climb. Don Chiew works alone, dedicates many hours by the looks of it to something he obviously loves. His whole blog is in English, as it should be for a blog trying to teach English. He has loads of games & activities for the teachers to use with the kids, or for the kids themselves to do at their home. Not only that, he’s also got ideas for teachers. I’ve been following the blog since its inception less than a year ago, and I can see the progress he’s made. ¡Bravo, Don Chiew!

  9. my vote is english because is this the best of site for anderstand english very well. !!! for every body ! thanks !

  10. Mi voto es para Russificate, sin duda el mejor block para la enseñanza del ruso en lengua hispana.
    Enhorabuena y suerte!!!.
    Do scorogo!!

  11. English Experts helps me a lot. I want to tell who doesn’t know it yet, go there and take a look. It’s amazing! Very interesting and helpful topics and a very organized group of teachers and other colaborators, who are doing a great work together. Congratulations for them, and good luck !

  12. Thank you all for the votes and comments!
    Results are going to be published on the 28th
    Good luck to all

  13. I appreciate everyone who voted for me. Assuming anyone did! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the top blogs. Already added several of these to my reading list.

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