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Top Language Lovers 2015 ended last week and the results are online (have a look here if you haven’t had the chance yet). To continue the tradition, we have interviewed the three winners. This year we have thought about adding a twist and trying an emoji interview. The first interview is to Janusz Hamerski, media trainer, video producer and co-founder of the Global Experience, an intercultural network of video producers at the base of Easy Languages.

Easy Languages ranked third in the overall list of Top Language Lovers and first in the YouTube Channels category. The idea behind Easy Languages is providing people with authentic language learning material through street interviews. Forget about boring textbooks and fake interactions, these videos will keep you hooked to the screen and help you get familiar with real language usage. I have asked Janusz some questions about his participation in Top Language Lovers and his passion for languages.







The videos in the Easy Languages channel are produced by a global community of video producers. If you want to become a video producer yourself, just watch these tutorial videos.

See you next Friday for another interview!


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