Time to vote for your favorite Language Facebook Page 2011

UPDATE: Voting has ended. Results will be published June 1.

Here is the alphabetically sorted list of the top 100 Language Facebook Pages that qualified for the voting phase (read more about how the competition works).

Click the button next to the name of the Facebook Page you want to vote for and click “vote” at the bottom of the poll! You can only vote once in each category.

Make sure to vote for the other categories as well!

Vote for your favorite Language Facebook Page 2011!

Total Voters: 7,849

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70 thoughts on “Time to vote for your favorite Language Facebook Page 2011”

  1. “Morsmål” is the only one offering multilingual news and resources “multilingually” on this list!

  2. I use Livemocha, so far it completely meets my needs and requirements. Possibility in either written or spoken exercises to be checked and commented by native speakers is just perfect.

  3. Live Mocha has taught me so much spanish, through it i have been able to relate with all kinds of natives and learn even more. I hope to gain better skills than these, i love Live Mocha

  4. Najlepsza strona na facebooku to JĘZYK NIEMIECKI!
    To niesamowite!
    Głosujcie na JĘZYK NIEMIECKI, największą polską stronę facebookową do niemieckiego!

  5. hello ,every body. I want to learn English .I try .I think that you can help me /I know persion and russion.

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