Time to vote! – Top 100 Language Lovers 2011

UPDATE: Voting has ended. Results will be published June 1.

Thank you for all the emails you sent and the comments you submitted to nominate your favorite blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. From the great amount of nominations we received (747 in total), we selected the top 100 (top 200 for language learning) for each category. These made it to the voting phase!

How to vote: First of all, go to the voting page of each category (links below). Then click on the name of the blog/Facebook page/Twitter account you want to vote for. For your convenience, all entries are listed alphabetically. You can vote once in each category. Remember that we will check the votes at the end of the voting phase for fraudulent votes and, if necessary, adjust the number of votes.

The voting pages for each category are:
Language Learning Blogs
Language Professionals Blogs
Language Facebook Pages
Language Twitterers

Good luck to all of you! Stay tuned to find out who will be the winners.

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4 thoughts on “Time to vote! – Top 100 Language Lovers 2011”

  1. We, the WIFI Upper Austria, are an institute of further education for adults and we organise many language courses. Since last October we have been on facebook with a page, called “Die Welt der Sprachen” (world of languages). We already have more than 1100 fans. Is it still possible to be nominated in this category? What would we need in order to be nominated? Thanks for your information

  2. I have to vote on that side, becouse IMO its the best side about learning English AND Polish 🙂 wish the best to David Snopek!

  3. first of all hello
    thank you for sending phrasemix
    I read thm every day because learn me new useful things.

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