Top 100 Language Lovers 2011 competition starts today – Nominate your favorite!

UPDATE: Nominations are closed. Voting has started!

After the great success of the last three editions of our Top 100 Language Blogs competition (results for 2008, 2009, 2010), the language portal and Lexiophiles language blog are announcing this year’s contest with some minor changes: the Top 100 Language Lovers 2011 competition.

Passion for languages is still the protagonist of the competition but this year we are also taking Facebook pages and twitterers into consideration, hence the new title 🙂

As always, we need your help to find the best of the best for the following categories:
1. Language Learning Blogs (blogs about language learning & teaching)
2. Language Professionals Blogs (blogs from translators, interpreters etc. on the professional usage of languages)
3. Language Facebook Pages (Facebook pages about language, language learning etc.)
4. Language Twitterers (Twitter accounts focused on language, language learning etc.)

The nominations for the Top 100 Language Lovers 2011 competition are open until May 16th, 23:59 hours German time. Nominate your favorite Blogs, Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts by sending an e-mail with the URL to giulia (at) bab (dot) la or just leave a comment below.

There are no strict boundaries for your nominations: as long as passion for languages is involved, the blog or Facebook page or Twitter account you have in mind fits into our competition! Just to give you an idea, main topics could be about tips on how to learn a language, language teaching, commenting on translations, strategies for interpreters etc.

Hurry up, the deadline to nominate your favorites is Monday May 16th! After the nomination phase, you will be able to give your vote to most promising for each category. The final ranking will be based half on the users’ votes and half on our internal ranking (more information on the ranking criteria here). Results will be made public on June 1st. If you’d like to know more about how the competition is run, please read our how the competition works article. If you have any further questions, just ask giulia (at) bab (dot) la.

The official hash tag is #tll11.

Stay tuned!

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139 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Lovers 2011 competition starts today – Nominate your favorite!”

  1. Hi,

    a comment has been posted on my blog to inform me I was nominated for 2011 best translation blog… but can’t see my url anywhere.
    Should I consider this comment as promotional content for yours 🙂

    1. Hi Traducteur,

      we posted a comment on your blog only because we could not find any other way of contacting you. By the way, nominations can be sent also via private email, that is why not every blog, Facebook page and Twitter account appears on this page.


  2. i would like to recommended hyunwoo and friends page..
    this page tell us about how to write, read hangeul and how to speak korean.. not only it , but we also can to learn korean cultur.. this page is very creatif and funny.. lets try it!

  3. I would like to nominate

    Weekly audio lessons are simple and easy to understand. The teachers are friendly and actively interact with the listeners too.

  4. I was just going through the blogs listed. They are some great ones which I found.

    Thanks for sharing the information and good luck to ones nominated.

  5. I’d like to recommend Travels with Teango:

    It’s a brilliant blog by a guy who loves languages and language learning methods. He posts very detailed accounts of his experiences and fascinating experiments. His style of writing is also very beautiful, which helps me improve my English at the same time. 🙂

  6. I would like to nominate David Snopek’s blog

    This blog is fantastic, it contains lots of videos and is inspirational because you can watch David’s progress with his language, and he offers lots of advice and encouragement. His goals are realistic, and he doesn’t force the buying of any e-book down your throat at every chance. He is also extremely enthustiatic and passionate about what he does, and this comes across in his posts and videos.

  7. Dear Carla,
    Unfortunately, there’s no separate category for new blogs but we will consider your suggestion anyway!

    Thank you,

  8. I’d like to nominate in the Language Professionals Blogs category. It’s about one man’s grammar adventures as he tries reading the Chicago Manual of Style from cover to cover.

  9. I nominate “Women Learning Thai…and some men too.” ( for “Language Learning Blogs”. Although it’s geared toward learners of the Thai language, it has great advice for any language learner.

  10. Dear Katherina, dear Julie,
    Thank you very much for your nominations! Unfortunately, they came in a bit too late (after May 16th, 23:59 hours German time) and therefore cannot be included in this year’s list but we saved the URLs and will make sure to include them next year!

    Dear Mario,
    Thank you very much for your comment. Your nomination also came in a bit too late but the blog you nominated had already been on our list because of its participation in the previous editions of our competition so it is included!

    Thank you so much for all the comments! The nomination phase is officially closed!
    Best wishes,

  11. Dear Patricia, the nomination phase for the 2011 competition is closed now but you can nominate your favourites for the next year’s edition by leaving a comment below.

    Dear Ida, duly noted! Good luck with your blog and we’re looking forward to you joining the 2012 competition!

    We are now working very hard to publish the list to vote very soon!
    Thank you for your patience!

  12. Hi

    I don’t see Coffee Break Spanish on here, but if it was, I would vote for them. It’s an excellent teaching method that they have. You feel like you’re learning, but not in a stressful way.

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