Top 100 Language Lovers 2011: who are they?

With 742 nominations, our team read many blog posts, Tweets and Facebook comments. Great content about many different topics, in and about many languages, it was quite a herculean, albeit fascinating task to review each and every one of them.

Thanks to the data we gathered, we established interesting statistics about our Top 100 Language Lovers. The criteria we retained as most relevant are the topic the Language Lovers write about, since when they have been writing, in what language they write and finally what language or languages they focus on.

It is quite interesting to see that most writers have been online since 2009 and later. From the language side, while it is not unexpected to see that two thirds of our Top 100 Language Lovers write in English, Polish and German are ahead of Spanish, although it counts more native speakers. But rather than a detailed written analysis, I will let the graphs speak for themselves.

In addition to that, we were curious to know more about our 2011 winners.

To do so, we had the privilege to interview the winners of each category.
To begin with, we have the interview with Judy and Dagmar Jenner who won the Language Professional blog category.

Second interview: a few words from Ken Clark (@Translationguy), winner of this year’s Language Twitterers and CEO of 1-800 translate.

Third interview: our winner of the Learning Language blog category and the overall Top 100 – Benny Lewis.

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