Top 100 Language Lovers Competition 2011 – The 53421 Final Recap

Now that it has been a couple of weeks since we published the results of our competition, this is the perfect time to take stock of it.

Hosting the competition has always been a great experience, but this year it was even more fun. We introduced quite a change, broadening the competition to Facebook pages and Twitter accounts besides the “classic” blog categories. From the feedback we have received and the enthusiasm we have felt, we can say that it was definitely worth it!

Many of you helped us to spread the word about the competition and the results with some nice posting, comments and mentions, such as:
Fluent in 3 months
Deutsch lerner
Localización y testeo con Curri

Some of you really surprised us with very creative and funny ways of promoting themselves and the competition: have a look here 🙂

The average quality of the competitors was considerably high: it has been tough to select the Top 100 and then the final ranking! As usual, we rewarded the winners with a prize: this year we made a donation on their behalf to the Homeless World Cup.

At last, some fun statistics ;). We collected 747 nominations and 47521 votes – wow! – and the competition’s updates have been noticeably shared on the social media: more than 5900 likes on Facebook! There is only one thing left to say: thank you all for your participation and/or support! We hope to see you again on and Lexiophiles next year… stay tuned!

PS: Why 53421? The total of your votes and your Facebook likes, thank you everybody!

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2 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Lovers Competition 2011 – The 53421 Final Recap”

  1. Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for listing “Glottogon” under your competition results. We wondered if you could possible upadate our details with the following:-

    An online store specializing in language children’s books. A unique range of Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Greek, Italian, Indian, Indigenous, Spanish & Russian books to make learning fun & fantastic!

    Kind Regards,

    Lara Satchell.

  2. Thanks for the mention!! I thought it would be good to give something back by promoting the whole contest, so more people could choose their favourites 🙂

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