Top 100 Language Lovers – Interview with the winner #1

A few weeks have passed since announced the results of the Top 100 Language Lovers competition 2012. Now we have contacted the winner of the Top 100 Language Lovers Agnieszka Drummer, who has also secured first place among the Top 25 Facebook Pages. She told us about her very successful Facebook page and the enthusiasm Polish learners show for the German language.

When did you start blogging and do you use Facebook to promote your posts?
I started using Facebook towards the end of 2009 and shortly afterwards created my blog. Both complete each other splendidly and the number of readers increases with each day.

What do you think helped you to reach first place in the Top 100? Did you promote the competition in a special way this year?
The over 120,000 fans I now have appreciate my commitment and the fact that I make them feel involved in the German language and I think that’s the reason they voted for me. Facebook is an ideal platform to reach big groups of people who all share the same interests, and the competition was the perfect opportunity to address them further.

What would you like to say to your readers who voted for you?
Thank you, of course! It’s not ME who won, it was US.

Do you already see any kind of change or effect on the activity of your Facebook page?
No, the enthusiasm for JEZYK NIEMIECKI has already been huge, because it’s the biggest and most popular Polish Facebook page for those interested in German.

What do you think you made better than your competitors on your Facebook page?
Running a Facebook page is not all I do. I teach German and I have developed a special learning method, I write exercise books for the German language… There are many people who are appreciative and support me as “fans”.

What was the most popular post on your Facebook page and why do you think that was?
On the 9th of June – before the first German football game in the European Championship. The question was “Who’s going to cheer on the Germans?” Almost 2.000 Likes and close to 450 comments, shared nearly 80 times! Wow. We seem to have real German and Germany fans here.

Which of the Top 25 Language Facebook pages do you like the most?
I like most of them.

Any advice for other Language Lovers who use Facebook?
Have fun learning new things, set yourself goals, time-wise as well as content-wise.

Are you looking forward to next year’s competition? We hope you participate again ?
Yes, of course. I hope we’ll win again!?

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