The List: How and Why

As for our top 100 blog list, we want to shed some light as to how we came up with this list. So here is an overview of the criteria that we took into account to build this list and rank these podcasts to come up with what we believe are the best ten.

Where did this idea come from?

There was no such list of podcasts on the web, and, since the top 100 language blogs list generated many positive reviews, we felt that it would be a valuable resource for language learners to have access to a selection of the best podcasts on the web.

How was the list compiled?

We came up with a preliminary list of 85 podcasts, which we then graded according to several criteria, detailed blow, which led to an overall grade, enabling us to rank the podcasts according to this grade.

We divided the “evaluation” into three categories: content, quality, and ease of access. For the contents, we looked at the podcast’s length, graded its overall appeal to the listener, the language quality of the people engaged in the recordings, whether it was up to date, and finally whether there were regular postings.

For the quality, we analyzed the website behind the podcast, and tried to see if it offered good information on the podcast itself, featured supplemental information, and if it was interactive… We also gave a higher grade if the podcast offered study sheets to go with the lessons, and if there was a consistent storyline through the episodes.

When it came to evaluate the ease of access, we assessed the contact features for each website. The possibility to leave comments, to rate episodes, the existence of a Facebook page… all contributed to a better grade. The availability of the episodes through the website, iTunes, and RSS Feed were further rewarded.

Did we get it wrong?

Don’t hesitate to visit our vote page and cast a vote for your favorite one! If you know of a cool podcast not listed here, don’t hesitate to drop us a line to let us know about it.

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