Top 10 Language Podcasts 2008

In light of the positive comments our top 100 blog list has generated, we at Lexiophiles and the dictionary have decided to publish a ranking of the top ten language learning podcasts.

We have browsed the web to gather an exhaustive list of language podcasts, and highlighted below what we think are the ten best. You can see the complete list here, and read about the ranking process in more detail here.

1. Fumetti:
English > Italian (iTunes)

Improve your Italian with fun listening and reading with this podcast for intermediate or advanced learners of Italian.

2. Pukka German:
English > German (iTunes)

The best website to learn German as it’s really spoken. Learn authentic spoken German, common idioms, essential colloquial language and slang expressions to help you understand and speak German like a native.

3. Mission Kraków:
English > Polish (iTunes)

Mission Europe is an online language course based on a totally new learning concept. With the three action-packed adventure stories, users can learn German, French and Polish in a fun and creative way.

4. Chiaveinglese:
Italian > English (iTunes) is a fun, intuitive and free way of learning English aimed particularly at Italians.

5. Business English Pod:
All > English (iTunes)

Business English Pod provides MP3 podcast lessons and e-Book courses for intermediate and advanced business English learners. The podcast lessons cover an ever expanding range of business language skills for meetings, presentations, telephoning, negotiating, socializing, travel, conversation, etc.

6. Radio Arlecchino:
English > Italian (iTunes)

Arlecchino, Pulcinella and other masks of the Italian Commedia dell’arte will help you learn the subtleties of Italian grammar. Podcasts are built around dialogs that explain the Italian grammar behind communicative language functions.

7. Deutsch, warum nicht?:
English/Spanish > German (iTunes)

This course is divided into four parts. Each of the four series contains 26 lessons with dialogue, exercises and audios to download to learn German. It is available in English and Spanish (to learn German.)

8. SpanishPod:
English > Spanish (iTunes)

SpanishPod podcasts offer lessons based on daily dialogs. The hosts explain and expand on these everyday topics in a clear and entertaining way. Besides the Spanish lessons, there are shows focusing on the different accents and cultures in the Spanish-speaking world.

9. Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyks:
English > Mandarin (iTunes)

Theme based and progressive lessons, allowing you to start from “zero” level and gradually learn Mandarin Chinese.

10. A Taste of Russian:
English > Russian (iTunes)

Real chat on everyday life topics for improving listening and speaking skills of Russian.

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