Li(n)keable 15 November

These are the links to great articles we have found for you this week. Sit back, relax and have a read! See you next week for some more top links.

Tone in, Tone on, Drop out: 10 Ways to study Chinese which are More Useful than Going to Class

Ben Ross’ Blog, A Midwesterner ON the Middle Kingdom, is by American Benjamin Ross. The blog examines China from a humanistic perspective. We liked this article about useful ways to learn Chinese outside of the classroom.

Your top language learning tips

Helpful tips for efficient language learning, from the cactus learn a language your way blog.

Five Fascinating Languages of the world

Interesting facts about 5 languages you probably don’t know much about. The I kinda like languages blog contains lots of random tidbits of information about languages.

Languages of the world

Information about languages spoken around the world, from James’ interesting facts website.

Vin de Pays de scouse?

An article about a UK shop putting wine labels in different regional dialects of British English! They believe that the normal descriptions are too confusing and complicated and don’t use everyday language.

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