Li(n)keable 08 November

Check out the interesting articles, we have found for you on the web. We liked them, so we thought we would share the links with you! Enjoy our selection for this week; hopefully you’ll come back next week for more!

Is it all right to use “alright”?

Metrolingua, is a blog by a fellow language lover! MJ from Chicago discusses language topics in this blog. This particular post caught our eye, is it all right to use “alright”? The article explores whether one version should be deemed as more correct than the other, seen as both are used by native speakers of English.

Gender issues (with nouns)

Fluent in 3 months, is a blog which documents the life of Benny Lewis. He is a globe trotter who is fascinated by languages. Gender issues (with nouns), took our fancy this week. It takes a look at the difficulties which arise from trying to learn the gender of foreign words.

Pimp your vocab

Find out just how street wise you are! Take this quiz if you’re puzzled by what you hear the students of today saying.


Ryan’s Linguistics blog discusses… you guessed it, linguistics! This article on apostrophes, examines the misuse of apostrophes in English.

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