Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 14

The day has finally come! The countdown is over, Friday is here folks! And just like every Friday our hard-working language lovers have searched the Web to provide you with some unique content. So just relax, forget about work for a minute, and take a look at some of our silly and curious discoveries. Come on! Relax! It’s Friday!

Poland (English)
History of Blogging
And the power of Twitter now
From blog to twitter. A short history of web phenomena in one funny picture. Take the cat as an example…

Japan (Japanese)
Children all over the world are singing and wearing their traditional clothes. Can you find your country?

Sweden (English)
Ever wonder how fast you were at clicking? Wonder no more, here you can find out how fast you are. We couldn’t get over 79 and reach 80+ …can you?

Venezuela (Español)
Les Luthiers, a group of very famous comedians in a funny sketch about the “importance” of speaking English.

Italy (all)
Some weeks ago we published the first part of the video-report from one young Italian woman having a great international experience in Kenya. This is the second part, a closing tribute to her experience there.

Germany (English)
Matt, an eager traveler dancing all over the world.

France (French)
Baccalaureate Time!
Here we are! Baccalaureate time in France is a lovely moment for more than 600 000 highschool students! Among the possible festivities: exams in geography, economics, mathematics, philosophy and 46 languages…The suffering started yesterday morning and even if it´s Friday and we shouldn´t be talking about exams… let´s give some thought to these high schoolers who´d rather be hanging out in the sun or watching Wimbledon than studying!

Korea (Korean)
트라우마 Trauma – comical cartoons
Series of Korean comic cartoons named “Trauma” due to the mental damage it might cause, however it all tends to change at the end (most of the times, it has a funny ending). This cartoon series dominated cartoon section of Naver, Korea’s no.1 search engine, and it was very highly rated by readers. So, just click it and burst into laughter!

Brazil (Portuguese)
Poder – extraordinário – de síntese
This sign shows how well a text can be summarized. From a huge text in Japanese, the English translation was simply “You can not smoke here.” Is it really the translation or are they hiding something behind it?

Russia (English)
Happy Liberal and Democratic Weekend
Despite bad weather, credit crunch, and other non pleasant circumstances, this weekend will be sunny for all democrats and liberals. The major reason for that is the result of EU elections. According to the results published by the EU electoral committee, the EPP : Group of the European People’s Party, a.k.a Christian Democrats received the plurality of votes, having very good chances to form the majority government in the EU Parliament. Enjoy liberals, socialists are still behind! Get into politics, to understand things from inside!

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