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Below is our list of the Top 10 Programs for Study Abroad in Portuguese. To read the article introducing our study abroad feature click here. If you want to know more about how & why this list came to be, click here.

1. AFS:
(High School)
AFS is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides many intercultural learning opportunities. Among others it offers high school exchange programs in Brazil & Portugal, to live with a host family and learn about the countries’ customs and language.

Info: All nationalities welcome, Extensive student support

2. Youth for Understanding:
(High School)
Youth for Understanding (YFU) is a non-profit educational organization which offers opportunities for young people around the world to spend a summer, semester or year studying in a Brazilian high-school and living with a host family.

Info: All nationalities welcome, Extensive student support

3. University of California EAP:
abroadco EAP is the open to students from the Universities of California, and has several programs in Brazil (Bahia or Rio de Janeiro). It offers both full-immersion programs and international school with other foreign students.

Info: Only applicants from the Universities of California will be considered, No Portuguese language necessary

4. Erasmus:
The ERASMUS programme provides higher education students within the EU with the opportunity to spend one semester or academic year abroad at a different university as part of their course of study. The students can go to a University in Portugal and attend classes there.

Info: Scholarships available, Only EU students eligible

5. World Education Program:
(High School)
World Education Program (WEP) Australia specializes in international student exchange programs. It offers high school students enrolled in an Australian school the chance to spend a year in Brazil, go to school there and live with host families.

Info: All nationalities welcome, Extensive student support

6. CIEE:
CIEE provides the opportunity for US & Canadian Students to spend a semester or academic year in São Paulo or Salvador, Brazil. For some programs, like liberal arts, basic Portuguese is required. To study business or culture & language courses no knowledge of Portuguese is necessary.

Info: US & Canadian students eligible, Portuguese knowledge necessary for some programs

7. CCI – Greenheart Travel:
(High School)
CCI’s Greenheart Travel offers short and long-term travel programs for American and Canadian teens and adults. The different possibilities in Brazil include High School/Volunteer programs – in which the student creates a project and applies it in the country.

Info: US & Canadian students eligible, Varied curricular offerings, Extensive student support

8. Rotary Youth Exchange:
(High School)
Rotary is a worldwide organization that provides the opportunity to attend one year of High School in Brazil, living with a host family and learning about the culture and language – but more than that, the student engages in some local outreach about his or her own culture, as an ambassador of his or her country.

Info: Worldwide participants welcome, Participation in ambassadorial role compulsory

9. Intrax:
(High School)
With Intrax students can study a semester or an academic year in Brazil and live with a host family, attending local high school. There is also the possibility of a summer program to learn Portuguese.

Info: All nationalities welcome, Extensive student support

10. Pacific Intercultural Exchg:
(High School)
PIE is a nonprofit organization that provides American students the possibility of spending a semester or year attending high school in Brazil while living with a Brazilian host family and learning about the culture and language.

Info: Extensive student support, Portuguese knowledge compulsory, Only US participants accepted

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