Translation Failures

Welcome to the ‘Translation failures’ section. Here is our list of the worst translation failures. You are more than welcome to submit translation failures you have discovered! Simply send them to lexiophiles[at] and we will include it in the upcoming ‘Translation failures’ release. You can send in anything from pictures to YouTube videos.

These are our current Top 3 Translation Failures. Make sure to check back soon for updates.

#1 Translation Fail

Source: flickr | Submitted by: Dave Slifka
Apparently it is common to boil eggs in hot springs in Thailand.

#2 Translation Fail

Source: | Submitted by: Mauricio Díaz Orlich
This one is very unfortunate. The Welsh part of the road sign says “I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.”

#3 Translation Fail

Source: flickr | Submitted by: Rosie B.
Should actually say ‘No open fires’.

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