Travelling across South America in 15 Days

South America – the promised land of culture, nature and fun. Home of so many tribes and mixed races and Harbor of so many other communities from different parts of the world. A must-go to adventurous travellers and backpackers around the world, with incredible beauties still yet to be uncovered and experienced in many different ways. Although the spoken languages and accents are very similar amongst themselves, the variety of culture, food, scenarios, landscapes and weather may leave any tourist – be it from any continent – perplexed by how diverse this region of the world is. It makes you want to unravel every mistery, try every meal and get to know each citizen better, and still it will leave you craving for more.


Thinking about that we decided to give you this guide – so you could have an amazing experience in a limited time spam that would still be good enough to enjoy the best and most exotic of what South America has to offer. In 15 days, you will travel to different places and meet, taste, watch, listen and feel the best of this region.

Visitig the snow deserts in Patagonia, the Iguazu falls in Brazil, getting to the middle of the world in Ecuador, the salt desert of bolivia that reflects the sky on the ground, the most beutiful beaches you have ever seen and the incredible flora and fauna – this is what awaits you in this adventure! So book your tickets and follow us on this journey!

15 days in South America – Keep checking out for updates, starting on Monday the 11th of March of 2014 until the 29th of April of 2014, every Monday and Thursday we will add a new chapter to the guide, with new places and tips on how to make your trip as amazing as it can be. You can follow us on Twitter (@babla) and on Facebook to be notified about the latest updates.

Of course, we appreciate your opinion and we are always happy to get some tips from you about this South American trip. You can do so by writing in the comment section at the bottom of each page.


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