Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Flirting… this really is a complex topic, especially as, let’s face it, there’s no magic formula to get out of this tricky and dangerous situation. Flirting evolves with time, and things that may have worked several years ago are now considered very lame.

If you’re a man, you might want to try pick-up lines, but as you will see in the different articles we wrote on Lexiophiles, most of them are just cheesy and by using them there’s a great chance you will end up slapped in the face.

So, is there no super romantic phrase that will succeed every time with everyone? Don’t think so. When it comes to flirting, you’re just by yourself, and you have to adapt to every situation. Just be creative, for god’s sake!

Sadly for us girls, in most countries men just won’t drop the cheesy pick-up line technique. While some of these not so original lines are just funny, or even cute (but still… the expected result is usually a good laugh), some others are just unbelievably weird and sexist.

Would you like some examples? Well, our writers from Lexiophiles have come up with the most famous (and cheesiest) pick-up lines used in their countries in the following articles. You might want to take a look in order to avoid them because, according to our authors, they’re not really successful… And as I said, since there’s no magic spell that would give you the woman of your dreams, we’re just telling you what you shouldn’t do, because I guess the “what you should do” part is still quite fuzzy for most of us…

Sarge like a True Ronny

How (Not) to Flirt- What Every Roadside Romeo should know

I lost my phone number, can I have yours?

The cheesiest French pick up lines!

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  1. Women are so much more subtle about flirting clues that men need to really pay attention. Ladies, men are not used to women flirting with them. An overwhelming majority of men said they would just love it if a woman would talk to them first or at least express a larger clue that you were interested in checking them out. Thanks for sharing your post the content of your post is great.

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