Christmas Traditions

Christmas time is here, even though it’s traditionally a Christian holiday, nowadays it is also celebrated by many non-Christians throughout the world. Several nations share similar traditions such as giving gifts, preparing a large celebratory dinner and displaying various decorations. We have a collection of articles about various Christmas celebrations and customs internationally.

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated in the United States? Or Russia? Or how about Poland and Romania? Take a look at the articles to see how different nations celebrate this special time of year in their own way.

Christmas is coming home-let’s find the joy in anticipation, explores whether or not there are any Christmas traditions which are uniquely German. Lights over a river, discusses Colombian Christmas traditions. Christmas shopping time, talks about Christmas in China. Christmas is not celebrated there for religious reasons, but rather to encourage economic growth.

See the articles below for more information. Happy holidays!

Christmas in United States

Get in to Christmas with Lexiophiles

Christmas, shopping time!

Working hard during holidays? You are not the only one

Russian Christmas mix

Christmas is coming home- let’s find the joy in anticipation

Christmastime in Poland

Christmas around the world

Romanian Christmas traditions

Lights over a river?

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